Dark Side of Bollywood: Fake Fans, Paid Crowds, Instagram Stardom

fake fans fake crowd

Film Publicity teams, marketing agencies, and actors are trying to manipulate how people see their movies and stars. They’re doing this because the industry has had significant losses with movies that didn’t do well. They’re faking and creating a perception that a particular actor or movie is famous and successful, even if it’s not true. They’re using different tactics to make people think the film is a hit and the actor is a big star. 

After the pandemic, Bollywood events have changed a bit.: People attend this intellectual session on filmmaking, but they could be more excited to learn. They still clap, laugh, and get bored sometimes, but they form a big crowd, which looks good on camera. Once it’s over, more than half of them leave and head to the next event. There, they quickly change into T-shirts promoting a mass action movie and start dancing to the beat of the dhol as the star arrives. These events are staged.

2020 was a tough year for the Hindi film industry. It all started with the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput, which led to a political storm. People in Bollywood were insulted, beloved stars were targeted with hateful hashtags, and there was a lot of talk about South films being seen as a “purer” alternative. There were even calls to boycott Hindi films. But in 2023, things turned around. The industry had its best year ever at the box office, and all those critics on social media were finally silenced.