How Effective Mind Training Can Be in Functioning the Autism Spectrum Disorders?


Children who are affected with autism have been generally found to find some difficulty in establishing and maintaining the social relationships as easily as the rest of their friends do. Most of the experts who have been studying on autism and have been doing research works for years together believe that it is in the deficiency in the Theory of Mind which leads to such results. Autism is generally identified in the medical grounds as a neuropsychiatric disorder which has got a deep impact on the verbal and non-verbal communication within the human beings, and even stunts the growth of social skills within these individuals. Instead, they have the regular repetition of the stereotype behaviors which cannot be determined otherwise by the people at large.

The main deficits of autism as being the abnormalities in the social behavior, and it can be easily indicated in how the children behave with his classmates in school. Now what actually are these social skills, have found multiple definitions in itself. While some of the experts consider it to be a behavior in the context of orientation and communication, the others consider it to be a skill that helps in getting the attention of others in society. The learning theory that is adopted in most of the 마음수련 centers conceptualizes on the social skills which are discreet, and all the responses are observably essential for the kids to adapt and cope up with the environment.

After substantial studies, the experts have apprehended that apart from the learning theory, most of the autistic children even lack the training of their minds. The ability to understand the different mental states, the intentions, and beliefs which influence the human behavior, is completely lost, and there’s no reviving it as such. The training of mind is even necessary for perceiving the social environment, and its involvement is necessary for the competitive social behaviors. Any lack of mind training that is being found in the autistic kids can lead to their rejection by the peers, and hence the lag starts off instantly.

From the perspective of mind training that is being provided to all the autistic kids, another significant area, which develops during this stage, is emotional regulation which has got the high chances of influencing the child’s relations and any deficit in it can lead to disruptive behavior disorders in the autistic children. Apart from this, the internal language that a child grows within is highly important and it helps them to know what the others feel or desire, enhancing their communication skills and social interactive capability.

Most of the intervention programs that have been designed by the 마음수련 centers are established to improve the social skills in the children and an attempt to help them live a better life. The children who have already gone through this program have already shown better false belief performance on all the mind training tasks. The social cognition training program for the school aged children who have got pervasive developmental disorders have shown significant progress in all the socializing sub domains as well.