Different types of dental braces


People, who have problem in smiling wide because of the improper alignment of teeth, tend to find a better solution through braces. There are different types of braces which are preferred according to the interest of the users and according to the condition of their teeth. The dentists tend to suggest the best braces according to the dental condition and the budget of their patients. People who are about to wear the braces for the first time should be aware of the different types of braces available in the market; so that they can easily choose the one which can favor them to a greater extent. Some of the types of braces which are highly preferred for the dental treatment are discussed in this article.

Traditional braces

As the name indicates, the traditional braces are the one which is being in trend right from the early days. These braces will be very light in weight because of their structure. They are made up of stainless steel and they also involve metal brackets which will be stick to the teeth. The metal brackets will be linked to one another through a thin wire. It is to be noted that these metal brackets play a major role in aligning the teeth. They tend to put pressure on the teeth and help them to get aligned in the right position. The only thing which is to be noted is this type of braces will require more maintenance when compared to that of other types.

Ceramic braces

The ceramic braces are similar to that of the traditional braces and the only difference is the braces. While considering the ceramic braces, the brackets are made out of ceramic materials. These materials will be very clear and transparent. Because of this property, these brackets will be less visible. The adults tend to show more interest towards these braces because of this particular reason. The secret behind this is the adults always want to keep their braces invisible to the external world. The only drawback of these braces bendigo is the elastic used in them may cause discoloration. And because of this the users may find marks over their teeth. In case if there are any such problem, one can approach the dentist to suggest the best fluoride rich product to protect their teeth.


The invisalign is something different from traditional braces and they are stated to be the aligners. They will resemble like a mouth guard and they will be made out of clear plastics. These types of aligners are very easy to maintain. The users can remove them at the time of eating and cleaning. If interested, they can also change them for every two weeks.

Apart from these, there are many different types. But whatever the type of braces is, the users must make sure to hire the help of the best experts like dentist moraga california. These experts will provide free consultation before starting the treatment. Thus, one can get a clear idea about the type of treatment needed for them.