Here Is How You Can Plan the Ultimate Vacation for Year 2017


As we enter the New Year with renewed hopes and enthusiasm, we most obviously have new plans as well. For travel buffs, traveling without doubt may be the main focus. For others, the focus may be something else. Today we concentrate on the travel aspect only. There is hardly a soul in this world that does not enjoy traveling and exploring different destinations. So let’s vow that the year 2017 would be the year we manage at least one big vacation and make everlasting memories. It is high time that we stop procrastinating and make it happen.

How to Manage the Finances

The biggest hurdle to your ultimate vacation is money. The financial constraints limit every traveler but it is not something that should force you to cancel the vacation altogether.


There are multiple ways vacation finance can be managed:

Airline Tickets

Bagging airline tickets for cheap is tricky but still manageable. First off is the frequent flyer program to the rescue. Being part of the program helps you accumulate miles that can be redeemed to get discounts later. Second option is to fly off season. This is one option that has been known to work for sure. When the airlines have fewer customers, they slash the airfares to attract clientele. Managing a vacation at this time is very favorable as the prices decline drastically. The third and last option is to fly with a lesser known airline. Using brand names like Emirates means higher airfares mostly because of the cost of goodwill included in the ticket’s price. You can avoid this cost if you choose to fly with a small, less popular airline.


The next major expense is the accommodation. Again airline miles can be used to get discounts at partner hotels. However, your safest bet is to either stay at a hostel or bag a promotional offer. If you choose to vacation during the off-season, you will already benefit from lower hotel rates and then there’s always those promotional deals that are launched from time to time. Always be on a look out for such deals. Hostels are a great for budget travelers. Sure they are not as fancy as hotels but that is more or less unimportant for those who love traveling.

Ultimate destinations

People always have a hard time deciding on the ultimate vacation destination and eventually give up altogether. If you are one the indecisive ones, here are a few suggestions.


India boasts colors, unique cultures and great Mughal architecture. Best part? It is one of the cheapest vacation destinations across the world.


Stunning tea plantations, British architecture and war remnants make Vietnam a very fascinating and interesting vacation destination.


Granted Italy is expensive but if you save enough, it will surely be the ultimate vacation of a lifetime.


Thailand is affordable and it truly offers the perfect beach vacation.


Mexico is home to gorgeous beaches and the authentic Mexican food here is to die for.