How BPO Companies Help in Building Customer Rapport


BPO companies burn their midnight oil just to keep the customers of their client companies happy. There are various mediums, software & tools that they deploy to mark your presence. They make your business available not just a call away, but a click away as well. These companies stay present on your behalf on your website through live chat, across social media platforms and over call and texts. Not just this they also handle other back-end and front desk processes, if you outsource them that too.

All of this is done just to attract the maximum eyeballs and retain as many customers as possible by hearing their concern and solving their problems. Ever thought about how these companies actually build such a great rapport with your business. Doing so is not as easy as it seems to be. Ask one of your employee to solve a customer problem via chat, email, or call and see how miserably he will fail. Turning an unhappy customer into a satisfied and happy one is an art which the agents of BPO companies are instilled with perfectly.

So, let us take a look to find out what magic the agents do while communicating to build rapport.

  • Warm greeting- If a person who isn’t trained for taking calls would be attending calls at your office, what will he say? Probably he will say just a “Hi” or “Hi, why did you call?” But when a trained agent working in a BPO picks up the call or replies the chat, he will greet the customer warmly. The tone would be soft and welcoming. He will make the customer comfortable, even if he is an introvert and doesn’t like to speak much. Precisely, he will introduce himself and ask the name of the person and will also ask about the problem.
  • Great listener- Customers don’t just want the solution to their problem but also want to vent out. If a normal employee would be listening to the caller, if they yell or misbehave, the employee will definitely not like it. But if a BPO agent will pick the call, he will let the caller vent his heart out and still not lose his cool. Thereafter, he will apologize and rephrase the issue in his words so that he can ascertain if he has deciphered the problem correctly. All this helps in eradicating negative emotions to a great extent.
  • Offer the best solution- An ordinary employee says a receptionist or some admin personnel may not have the required amount of knowledge about the technicalities or the product and services that the company offers. However, agents working in BPO companies are trained and imparted with knowledge about the company and its products, so they are the best person to offer the best solution to the customer.
  • Empathetic- The agents are quite empathetic and helpful. They listen to the problem and put themselves in the customer’s shoes to understand his agony. Moreover, even if the company is not at fault they apologize so that the company can be in good books of that customer. They also have a willingness to help which makes the customer even more positive about the company even if they came with a negative impression in the first place. Such positive rep also helps in building the trust.
  • Pace- It is very important to have a certain ace in the conversation so that you don’t have to face that awkward pause or silence while dealing with a customer. So, the agents working in various reputed BPO companies focus on maintaining a pace, they listen to the agent first, answer. Intervening in between can lead to misunderstandings. The Dialogue also becomes more powerful when the speech of the agent has pauses at the right places. There is also no space for long pauses, they are not put on hold for very long. Even if they put on hold for a minute or two, they play a nice soothing music in the background.

•    Ending- Every call comes to an end. But the dilemma that a normal employee handling the call would face here is to cut the call or not cut the call. But an agent knows that he should be asking if there is something else too that he can assist the customer with and should wait for the caller to hang up the call himself. The reps also never forget to end the call on a positive note by thanking the customer for calling and allowing them to solve the issue. They also take the feedback.