Various Ways Blockchain Industry is Surprising Us


As most of our lives and times move to online and digital resources, we are more prone to hacking and fraud. And in today’s world, money is not the only currency individuals have. There’s data- personal and professional and then you have credentials like bank passwords and accounts passwords which have the potential to destroy you if data gets leaked.

With blockchain, all of this stands changed. If you are thinking of a career in this, you can pursue some blockchain credentialing. But first, let’s study how blockchain surprises us in unique ways.

Voter Fraud: Every time a major poll or election is slated to take place, news come pouring out as to how voters have cast multiple ballots or else votes have been counted incorrectly. The validity of the complete election process is put on the question. Then, comes the problems of lawsuits and recounting of votes. A California based nonprofit organization Democracy Earth has recently launched an app with the name Sovereign. There’s another one called Follow My Vote.     

Commodities Trading: Blockchain can become the new grocery store with all sort of grocery items being sold from soybean to tomatoes. A global trading house called Louis Dreyfus Co. organized the sale of first agricultural commodity to Shandong Bohi Industry Co. There was a proper exchange of the letter of credits, digital contracts, and government inspection records.    

Solar Power Sharing: If you have solar panels installed over your roofs in Brooklyn, you can probably earn money on that. LO3 Energy, a company has come up with an app named Brooklyn Microgrid in partnership with Siemens. Without the interference of a third party, people can make money out of it.

Buying Virtual Cats: No kidding, but cryptokitties raised around $12 million funding in March this year from a lot of investors. One crytokitty can cost you $12 to $113,000. The cats also breed inside the blockchain- influencing the pricing. It looks to form an entire gaming economy driving incentives for both the players as well as the builders of the games. 

Changing Professional Time in Currency: In the movie called In Time, the time you had on the planet was the currency you had to do anything. That seems to be coming true with the blockchain industry. The professional time can be sold to top companies. Evan Prodromou created a cryptocurrency named Evancoin and was able to sell 1 hour for $15.

Personal Identification: We are looking at a tomorrow where blockchain will be our portable authentication. Think of the possibility wherein you aren’t required to present your birth certificate, passport, or any social security number. That is the avenue that blockchain presents. IBM is developing technologies on the same.   

All these technologies have paved the way for a great career. People can easily advance in this industry with the right blockchain credentialing. What blockchain credentialing offers you is a foundation to prove to the employers in the blockchain industry that you know the technology.