GIBL Health Insurance Offerings:


GIBL Health Insurance policies offer comprehensive healthcare protection for you and your family. The insurance covers both pre and post hospitalization expenses along with day care treatment expenses.

GIBL policies are cashless and can be used for all types of health disorders including critical illnesses. All of the packages on offer can be accessed from the GIBL website.

Features of GIBL Health Insurance

  • Free health checkups included in in the insurance policies. GIBL Health Insurance policies allow you to have access to a set number of health checkups for completely free (the numbers of checkups vary according to the insurance package acquired).
  • Lifetime renewal options for all healthcare packages. All packages have a onetime registration and people can safely extend the policy duration by renewing the package upon expiry.
  • GIBL health insurance allows users to avail tax exemptions under Section 80. Insurance policies can serve as investments by allowing insurance policy holders to gain several tax exemptions under the Income Tax Act.
  • GIPL’s online tool allows users to calculate all the payable expenses and also compare various health care packages on offer. The tools on offer are completely free and you do not need to pay anything for comparing the insurance packages on offer.
  • Informative blog providing tips to stay in touch with the latest trends in health insurance policies in the country.
  • Online purchase options for all insurance policies. Payments are processed instantly and the policy is initiated immediately after documentation by GIPL.

Types of healthcare insurance policies on offer

Individual health insurance: This allows a single individual to gain healthcare coverage.

Family health insurance: A single insurance package takes care of the healthcare coverage of an entire family including kids and seniors.

Family floater health insurance: It functions just like the family health insurance plan, but you can add members to the package as family members increase over time.

Senior citizen health insurance: Tailor fitted to meet the requirements for senior citizens.

Surgery and critical illness pain: These insurance packages are meant for users who are at risk of surgery and are suffering from critical illnesses.

Preventive healthcare: These health care insurance packages have frequent checkups built into the packages to prevent illnesses. These insurance packages are suited for people who want to take precautionary steps and safeguard their health.

Frequently asked questions

How can I file a claim for my insurance policy?

If you are availing healthcare services at a non-network healthcare organization, you can justifyfor health care expenses by filling up a claim form (needs to be filled up by the policyholder) along with proof of medical expenses incurred. Once the necessary documents are provided the health insurance provider will be reimbursed.

If you are filing a claim for a network organization, then all the paperwork will be carried out by the healthcare organization itself and they will automatically be provided the required reimbursements when you provide your insurance documentation to the healthcare provider.

Is the insurance claim cashless?

The insurance claims are completely cashless and you do not need to spend any money when filing for claims. All the expenses incurred will be directly remitted to the healthcare provider.