Top 5 Banned funny commercial ads


The creation of the commercials ads is because of the awareness and for the promotion of the product. But some commercial ads cross the lines and those funny commercial ads are not accepted by the sensor board and the audience and are banned. Their advertisement tricks does not work and become the controversial. In 2016 there is only one commercial which is banned. Following are the some ads which are banned in previous years:

  • Carl’s Jr:

It is an American based restaurant. The brand is famous for the burgers and innovative items in United States. The target audience for their restaurant is youngsters and the males between the 18 to 34 ages. It is founded on 1941 means 75 years ago. The main branch is in California, U.S and having the 1385 location. The slogan of the company is “Eat like You Mean It”. The ad commercial of there is banned on 2015 and the reason of banned is the sensor board.

  • Skechers:

It is an American footwear company located in California and founded by the Robert Greenberg and his son Michael in the year 1992. The total locations of the brand are 503 and are having the 6,868 employees working in the firm. The slogan of the company is “the shoes that can breathe”. It’s made commercial is banned in 2011 because of offensive look and idea.

  • Bud Light:

It is the best selling beer in the United States having the 110 calories and 4.2% ABV. The slogan of the beer is “The difference is drinkability”. It is come in the year of 1994 and the commercial of the beer is 30 seconds duration feature by the Rob and Laura from the series of the Dick Van Dyke Show. Its advertisement come in the year 2006 is banned in the America.

  • Peta:

It is located in Virginia, U.S founded on 22 March 1980 means 36 years ago by the Ingrid Newkirk and the Alex Pacheco. It targets the animal’s rights. There are 3000000 members of the company and 300 employees. The slogan of the company is “animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.” The commercial is made for the rights but it fails to convey the message and is banned in 2009.

The banned commercials are not be perfectly design and made and that’s why they are banned. The banned funny commercial ads in the America are many.  These ads are banned because of many reasons.