Flavored Black Teas: Interesting Recipes


Green and black teas are consumed by a large number of people across the globe. Black tea has a great flavour and goes very well with the Western foods.

It is in great demand, especially in North America and Europe. There are several ways of making black tea. You can go for anything like watermelon iced tea (floral Nilgiri black tea), tea mocktail (smoky Lapsang Souchong black tea) or spicy masala chai ice cream.

Read the article to get to know about some of the recipes including interesting varieties of different kinds of black teas.

  1. Vodka recipe of black tea: You can actually use any quality of black tea and enjoy the refreshing black tea vodka. You can Buy Loose Leaf Tea Online and mix it in desirable proportion to enjoy a stimulating drink. You must go a bit slow on vodka as consumption of alcohol is not very good for health.
  1. Hot Toddy Black Tea Recipe: The Hot Toddy is an interesting recipe and relished by many people from different parts of the world. It is superb for getting rid of cough symptoms or to enjoy on a chilly winter’s evening.
  1. Thai Tea Recipe: It goes very well with the Thai meals. This recipe comprises of coconut milk and spices. The Thai drink recipe is exotic and delicious.
  1. Hong Kong Milk Tea Recipe: If you have a sweet tooth, then you will love Creamy Milk Tea. It is also commonly known as “silk stockings tea” or “pantyhose milk tea”. The drink is thoroughly enjoyed in Hong Kong. You will not find it easily in other parts of the world. The recipe is very simple and can be prepared by anyone.
  1. Interesting Chai Recipes: You can experiment with the Flavored Black Teas. You can enjoy vanilla chai, masala chai, coffee-chai cocktails, and the list is very long. 
  1. Simple Syrup Earl Grey Recipe: For preparing this lip smacking recipe you need to take some sparkling water, sweeten it and add Earl Grey simple syrup. It is a versatile tea recipe and can be prepared with the help of Earl Grey syrup.

It can also be used as a flavored syrup with other black teas. When you have the syrup ready you can try making milk steamers and tea-flavored sodas.

Hopefully you can use these simple recipes and enjoy a cup of flavoured black tea as per your taste.