7 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Luxury Watches


Luxury watch makers all have their secrets and surprising facts. Most of them are not known to the public or isn’t common knowledge. We have picked seven of these surprising facts for you. Keep reading to find out about luxury wrist watches.

What is “the movie watch”?

You see a lot of luxury wrist watches on movies, TAG Heuer, Omega, Rolex, are just several of the brands you may have recognized. But which watches appear in most of the movies? Between 1951 and 2014, the Hamilton brand watches have appeared in over 150 movies. Hamilton claims to be the best luxury watch brand used in the movies.

Luxury Watches Aren’t Perfect Either

Quartz and mechanical watches can both be impacted by the same time they serve. As time goes on forces, such as gravity, wear on these watches causing them to gain a few seconds or even lose a few seconds. The older the watch is, the greater the chance that it is off. Even after attempts to rectify such defects, some of these problems persist among the best luxury watch brands.

Luxury Watch Demand

Ever wondered what countries demanded the most luxury watches? In a 2011 report the following distribution of watch demand was found:

• 24.89% China
• 21.23% US
• 8.16% UK
• 7.38% Germany
• 6.14% Japan
• 5.35% Russia

The rest was made up of other countries around the world. You might be surprised to see China at the top of the list. Most people think of the US, UK, and Germany of being the stylish countries of the world.

Is Rolex Swiss?

Most people now associate Rolex as being a Swiss watch. This is technically true because the headquarters for Rolex is now in Switzerland. But in 1905 an immigrant to the UK started Rolex in London. The British Rolex office closed in 1919 due to high taxes.

Luxury Watches Have Seen Adventure

Two of the greatest adventures mankind has ever seen, diving the depths and going to space, had luxury watches along for the ride. A Rolex Submariner accompanied Jacques Cousteau on his deep dive of the ocean in 1954 while filming his documentary. NASA astronauts have worn the same watch since Buzz Aldrin, Speedmaster from Omega.

Marketing Luxury Watches Involves Smiley Faces

Did you know that watch sellers use subconscious marketing in order to convince more people to buy watches? Ten minutes before two o’clock or ten after ten are the most common times on watches on display. This is because when these times are displayed on the watch, they make a smiley face. A lot of studies have proven that that smiley face helps to sell more watches.

Rolex is Still Made By Hand

Despite the fact that many companies have started to use computers and machines to build their watches and other products, Rolex hasn’t. Each watch is still made by hand. Some of the more complex watches do have some minor installation performed by human assisted machines, but it is minimal as the company wants to keep to its traditional nature.