Exploring Robber’s Cave: Dehradun’s Hidden Gem


I have always loved visiting valleys and mountains. I was not aware of the Robber’s Cave and would not have visited it if my friend hadn’t suggested that I do so when my trip to Chandigarh was about to end. On her suggestion, I booked car rentals in Chandigarh with an experienced driver to take me to Dehradun to explore the famous Robber’s Cave, and as nature’s lover, I was in for a pleasant surprise!

Dehradun is a city with many unexplored places. We have not yet discovered all the beauties of the city, and one such hidden gem is the Robber’s Cave. Robber’s Cave, also known as Guchhupani, is the best place to go if you want to escape the blazing heat of the plains.

History of Robber’s Cave

When I reached the entry gate of Robber’s Cave, I booked a local guide so that I could appreciate the fascinating history of Robber’s Cave. French travellers explored it as a hunting ground back in the eighteenth century, and many civil war outlaws hid in these deep caves. During the British rule, robbers used to hide in these caves, so the Britishers named it the Robber’s Caves.

As the guide told me about its wonders, I took many beautiful and stunning pictures of the cave and the river flowing beside us. It took me five hours to explore and digest every detail of the place. If you plan to take a trip to the caves, remember to keep water bottles and some munchies with you as you may get tired of walking around.

The calm aura of the river and the tall caves gave me an unspoken and never-felt-before peace of mind. I had visited many peaceful places, but the Robber’s Cave gave me the utmost pleasure.

The huge waterfall

There were many families and newly-wed couples with me as well. They were enjoying the caves as a picnic spot and were having the time of their lives, just like me. While exploring the caves, my guide showed me the ten-meter waterfall. Many little children were bathing in it and having fun.

The environment was cool and adequate for long hours of travelling. The closing time of the cave was 7 PM, so I had reached the caves by noon, explored the whole place with my local guide, and left the caves by 5 PM.

Nature’s stunning masterpiece

I wanted to explore the best of nature’s beauty during my trip, and Robber’s Caves was a perfect spot for this. It is cheap and affordable for all types of families and individuals.

The highlight of the trip, in my opinion, was finding the place so clean and hygienic, yet peaceful. My explorations discovered that residents near the Robber’s Caves had maintained proper cleanliness and hygiene in and around the caves. They encourage the tourists not to harm the natural beauty with plastic or other harmful substances.

More places to visit near Robber’s Cave

There are many more places and sites that I was suggested by my guide to visit after exploring the Robber’s Caves. I took his advice, extended my trip by a day and didn’t regret it one bit. The Dehradun Deer Park, Rajaji National Park, Dehradun Tea Gardens, or Social Forestry were the epitome of natural beauty. Afterwards, I even visited the Tapkeshwar Temple or the Dehradun Buddha Temple to get some much-needed spiritual retreat. After exploring the caves, I used an app to rent a car in Dehradun and went back to my hotel room. My visit to the Robber’s Caves was memorable and unique, and I will visit it again!