Expert’s tips to crack SEBI Grade A Prelims Exam 2021


Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) examination is searching for eligible Indian students who can apply for the position of Assistant Manager. Students from various backgrounds such as Information Technology, legal, general, and engineering are eligible for sitting in the examination.

Based on its results in a two-stage online SEBI Grade A 2021 examination, the selection will be done on the basis of written and interview. Two papers are available in both of the online exams: Paper-I and Paper-II. Both Phases have a same syllabus Paper-I and Paper-II, which simplifies preparation.

About the Exam

The paper, as we all know, is divided into five sections: quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, English language, general awareness, and a finance-related portion. All you have to do is focus on taking as many practise examinations as possible. Make it a daily habit to take at least one mock test to increase your speed and exam score. 

It is not sufficient to only attempt mocks; you must also examine your performance in each mock. Make a list of your strong and weak points and begin improving them. The distribution of marks is not specified in the announcement, and there is currently no information provided from which this may be deduced.

Marks of Paper 1 and Paper 2

Paper 1 – 100 Marks (MCQs on financial sector issues, reasoning, English & ga, duration = 1 hour)

Paper 2 – 100 Marks [Companies Law, Finance & Management & Economics MCQs] Duration: (40 minutes).

Interview Round of SEBI Exam

  • Phase 1 qualifies in nature while a merit list must be considered for the combination of the marks received in Phase 2, and Interview. Phase 1.
  • The weight of marks achieved in Phase 2 is 85% and in the interview, the weight of marks 15%.

Grade A 2020: Patterns of exam, scheme of marking and syllabus

  • For all streams, paper-I will be common.
  • The Phase I and Phase II Paper-II curriculum is similar save for a few of subjects.
  • The document I includes of quantitative ability, English language, justification and general awareness.
  • The applicants are eligible for applications from management, business, expense, accounting, trade & accounting and financial & management.
  • In order to make an efficient preparation, the applicants must solve more and further practical documents.

Preparation Strategy of Paper 1

  • SEBI Grade a Mock Tests would be the ideal option to prepare for the above-mentioned areas.
  • I’m certain that most of you are well conscious of the fundamentals of these issues and so merely take the paper 1 mock examinations.
  • Understand, evaluate and work on those fake examinations to understand your strengths and limitations.
  • You can practise them utilising our free materials accessible on Oliveboard’s YouTube channel if you are not sure with the preparation for Reasoning, Quants and English.

SEBI Paper: Economics 

  • National Income: Concepts and Measurement, Demand and Supply, Market Structures A Keynesian and a Classical Approach Demand and Supply for Money, Consumption Function, Investment Function, Multiplier and Accelerator, Determination of Output and Employment Business Cycles, IS-LM, Inflation, and Phillips Curve.
  • Non-banking Financial Institutions, Balance of Payments, Foreign Exchange Markets, Inflation, Monetary and Fiscal Policy.

SEBI Paper: Management

  • Management: its nature and extent; management processes; planning, organisation, personnel management and control; the roles of an organisation manager. management
  • Leadership: Leader’s tasks; leadership styles; theories of leadership; successful leadership vs efficient leadership.
  • Communication: Communication steps; channels of communication; verbal versus no-verbal communications; upward, downward and downward communications; communication lateral; Information Technology Role, Communication Barriers.
  • Corporate governance: Corporate governance factors; Corporate governance mechanisms.
  • Development of human resources: HRD concept; HRD goals; performance assessment – assessment and development potential – Career Planning, training and development, feedback and performance counselling – rewards – employee welfare. 
  • The theories of motivation; how motivated managers; concept of moral values; moral determinants; and the role of incentives to build up moral values. motivation, moral values, and incentives.

Important Points to be kept in mind for Paper 2

  • Don’t attempt to master all of these sections. Just the fundamental comprehension of the topics provided in the syllabus would assist you to gain a good mark.
  • As time is limited, large books can squander a significant part of your time.
  • Concept Clarity + Sticking to Basics is the key to preparation here.
  • Paper 2 has a maximum mark of only 100, and it lasts for 40 minutes. We would be able to say that numerical inquiries are very less likely to be asked here. Even if requested, these are relatively basic and feasible in seconds.
  • As in paper 2, there are very smaller odds that this article would ask current affairs because the themes are like Costing, Economics, Commerce & Accounting and Financial & Management, Company Act etc. There may be queries about the Union Budget & Economic Survey and other major news.

Preparation Strategy for SEBI Prelims

Commerce & Accounting, Companies Act, and Finance & Management & Economics are the subjects covered in Paper 2 of Phase 1. (For General Stream). The paper has a 40-minute exam duration. You don’t need to know everything about each section for Paper 2 of Phase 2. While preparing for this paper, simply go through the fundamentals and place a premium on concept clarity.

Paper 2 has a time limit of 40 minutes, you should concentrate more on the theoretical section and less on the numerical questions (even if numerical are there, they will be of basic level). Because Commerce & Accounting, Finance & Management, and Companies Act are among the subjects covered in Paper 2, questions about current events in finance might be asked.

General Tip

We hope that you can get extensive information on the best books for the SEBI Grade A Exam 2021, and that we can start preparing you for this SEBI exam as soon as feasible. You should be able to pick which books you are supposed to refer to this year after reading this article in the SEBI Grade A Exam. You don’t need to think about a blank slate because of the changing examination format, as some curriculum is common in both phases when you prepare for this exam for a year or two.

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