10 Top-Rated Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

Heavy sleepers find it difficult to wake up on time in the morning. There are primarily two reasons why heavy sleepers are unable to wake up on time.

These include oversleeping and sleep fragmentation. 

Heavy sleepers tend to oversleep because they either have improper sleeping patterns or they do not sleep enough regularly. This hampers their productivity as well as leads to wastage of time. 

Further, as per a study conducted by National Institute of Health, heavy sleepers tend to depend more on alarm clocks as well as use the snooze button to get that extra sleep.

Thus, excessive snoozing of the alarm clocks leads to another health concern called sleep fragmentation. 

Sleep fragmentation is nothing but interruption in your sleep stage as a result of waking up or occurrence of a lighter sleep stage.

So, to overcome such problems, alarm clocks help heavy sleepers to wake up early in the morning. 

However, these traditional alarm clocks are not that effective in helping the heavy sleepers to move out of bed.

But the following list of modern-day alarm clocks for heavy sleepers would certainly help them in combating the problem of oversleeping and sleep fragmentation in a great way.

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I. Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Dual Extra Loud Alarm Clock

This is one of the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers as it incorporates 113 db extra-loud alarm with adjustable tone and volume control. 

It also incorporates 12-volt bed shaker and red-flashing alert lights so that you move out of the bed easily. And to make sure that your alarm clock is set up properly, it features a 5-level dimmer.

You can even place this super-loud alarm clock under your pillow or mattress. This means it will shake you till you wake up!

II. Jall Digital Alarm Clock

If you want to go for something minimalist, the Jall’s Digital Alarm is a great alarm clock for heavy sleepers. It comes with three alarm settings, multiple levels of brightness, and temperature and humidity detector.

The functionality to set three different allows means you can either set three alarms for yourself so that there is no chance of over sleeping. Or you can set different alarms for three different people as per their need.

Besides adjusting the brightness levels, you can even turn off the LED light and keep it sound-sensitive. All these features mean happy sleeping!

III. Travelway Home LED Digital Alarm Clock

One of the most in-demand products from the house of Travelway is the Home LED Digital Alarm Clock. It comes in a simple and easy-to-use design with a host of features.

You can even replace your night lamp with this LED alarm clock that features a big, bright night light. And to activate the light, all you need to do is press a single button.

Plus, you do not have to worry about over sleeping as the clock incorporates a loud alarm that continues for 5 minutes and a snoozer that continues for 9 minutes. 

IV. Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Another notable product from the house of Jall is the Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock. What makes this alarm clock different from all the above options is that it comes with a sunrise simulation feature.

The built-in 7 color changing light mimics the natural sunrise and turns on gradually beginning from 10% brightness and reaching to 100% brightness within a span of 30 minutes.

Besides this, the digital alarm clock also features 7 natural sounds to wake you up by nature. Further, it is specially designed for heavy sleepers as it also features a 9-minute snooze function so that you can start your day fresh a little late.

Apart from this, this digital clock also comes with an FM radio so you can wake up each morning to your favorite song.

V. Mesqool Extra Loud Alarm Clock

Another great alarm clock for heavy sleepers on our list is Mesqool Extra Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock. 

This is a digital alarm clock that comes with 3 awake modes including bed shaker, buzzer, and both. It has an extra-loud alarm sound that is just perfect for the heavy sleepers as well as the hearing impaired. 

It has a big bright display and a night light that comes in seven different colors to choose from. Besides this, the alarm clock also features a 9-minute long snooze functionality so that you can get that extra sleep. 

VI. Roxicosly Alarm Clock

This is a vibrating digital alarm clock from the house of Roxicosly that is another one of the great alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. It offers three updated wake-up modes including loud buzzer, super bed shaker, or both sound d shaker.

In addition to this, the digital alarm clock has a vibration shaker that you can either place under your pillow or mattress. Don’t worry, the level of vibration is so strong that it will wake you up for sure.

Besides this, the alarm clock also has an ultra-clear display with 5 brightness levels so that you can keep the light brightness as per your need. 

Further, the dual alarm and snooze features ensure that there is no chance of you oversleeping.

VII. WellBox Digital Alarm Clock

The Wellbox’s Digital Alarm Clock with a projector light is an innovative way of waking you up in the morning in a completely relaxed way.

What makes this alarm clock unique is that it comes with a 180 degree adjustable projector having 3-level projection light brightness.

The projector light casts the time onto the wall or ceiling. This means there is no need for you to turn your head to check the time.

Plus, the alarm clock also comes with a 9-minute snooze function that turns on the alarm every 9 minutes so that you can have that little extra sleep in the morning.

VIII. PPLEE Extra Loud Alarm Clock

Another very loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers is PPLEE’s Extra-Loud Alarm Clock with a bed shaker. 

This alarm clock incorporates everything that would help a heavy sleeper in waking up early. It has a 7 inch ultra-clear display screen, bed shaker, super-loud buzzer, snoozer, and a 7-colored night light.

Plus it is an outlet-operated alarm clock with battery backup time and setting in case of a power failure. 

IX. USCCE Small LED Digital Alarm Clock

One of the other best products on our list of alarm clocks for heavy sleepers is USCCE’s Small LED Digital Alarm Clock. 

This alarm clock features 5 ringtones, a USB charging port, adjustable alarm volume ranging between 30-90 db, 12/24 switch, and a 9-minute snoozer.

Plus, the alarm clock also incorporates 0-100% dimmer control that allows you to adjust the brightness level of the digits on the display screen.

And the best part is that you do not have to undergo any stress while using this alarm clock as it is extremely easy to use.

X. ROCAM Super Loud Alarm Clock

Finally, the last on our list of best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers is the ROCAM’s Super Loud Alarm Clock.

This digital alarm clock incorporates one of the powerful bed shakers with 4-level adjustable volume. Plus, it also features dual wake-up alarms that continue to ring for 60 minutes. 

Additionally, the alarm clock has a 9-minute long snooze feature to give you a little extra sleep. Needless to say, what else does a heavy sleeper need?

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