Decorative Organizing Tips for Your Kitchen


An important part of decorating your home appealingly is simply just keeping things organized. And organizing your kitchen can create an attractive, inviting look that displays your favorite kitchen decor while making everything easy to find and use too.

Here are 10 tips to help you decoratively organize your kitchen:

Keep it clean of course. Whether we like it or not, cleanliness makes any room in your home look more decorative. Having a clean kitchen also helps speed up food preparation times, because everything you need is ready and waiting, and nothing has to be shuffled out of the way to make room for what you’re doing. There may be many items that are not using currently but very important things which you can store to nearer storage space like storage units Santa Maria.

Don’t be afraid to toss things out. If you don’t like it, don’t use it, or it’s a bit too old and worn… throw it away. This will clear out space in your kitchen for more of the pretty, matching, and useful items you’d prefer to have.

Have a designated place for everything: Don’t put some of your dinnerware above the stove and some of it above the sink. Designate a shelf for dinner plates and put all of your dinner plates there. The same for drinking glasses, mugs, pots and pans, or anything else in the kitchen. Pick the most logical or convenient spot for it, then always put it away in that same place.

Check medicines, spices and foods for expiration dates: If any are expired, throw them away. If the expired items are staples in your home, make a note on your shopping list to buy fresh replacements.

Store your cooking items: Pots, pans and utensils for instance, close to the stove so they’re easily reachable when you’re cooking. It’s also helpful to keep your hot pads and divest close to the stove, and these double nicely as decorative items when hung on the wall.

I like to create something of a decorative display with my pots and pans, lids, and matching cooking utensils. One way to do this is to hang your pots and pans on the wall if they’re attractive, and put pretty pan lids in a wire step file organizer displayed on the counter. You can also hang your lids using plate hangers.

I don’t have room to hang my pots on the wall, so I simply nest them together and sit them on the counter next to the stove. I put small hot pads between them to prevent scratching the insides. My lids sit in a step wire file that wasn’t being used in my office, and I have a matching black wire utensil basket which holds the prettiest of those.

If you’re tight on counter space, put away the small appliances that aren’t used often A toaster that just gets used for Sunday brunch for instance, or a large mixing station don’t need to stay sitting on the counter taking up space. Tuck them away under the counter, in a sideboard, on a high shelf, or even on top of the refrigerator until you need them.

If you’re able to, put your silverware close to where your dishes are stored. Both dishes and silverware can even be stored in the dining room if you have furniture or built in cabinets for that space. Silverware trays or organizers are essential.

If you must keep cleaning supplies in the kitchen, give them their very own space. Under the sink is the most popular place, but it’s very important not to sit them in food areas such as your pantry, or next to your everyday dishes. It’s also a very good idea to put a child and pet-safe lock on the cabinet that contains your cleaning supplies, so small children or pets can’t accidently get into them.

Try to designate specific areas or zones in your refrigerator and freezer, just as you did with the cabinets. I reserve the top shelf of my fridge for instance, for drinks only. I also have one or two shelves on the door that are used just for condiments. Having a designated place for certain things makes it much easier to find them when you need them, and helps you know when you need to buy more.

The fridge makes a great bulletin board and can also double as another place to add your decorative touch. Buy pretty magnets that match or compliment your kitchen decor theme, and use them to hold shopping lists, misc, notes, kids’ activity schedules, or whatever you’d like.