Creative and enchanting Catering Ideas for Summer Weddings!


Making your guests pleased with the menus that you’ve meticulously planned for months for your wedding is an effort that never goes unnoticed. In fact, if you do it right, it’s something they’ll come back to you praising profusely and also talk about endlessly with others. They would even want to copy your ideas in their family weddings as well.

Use these cool, creative and innovative cateringideas for your Summerwedding:

  1. Giving it a wonderful start: Have the buffet stalls serve up finger-licking and delightful snacks and starters, whether it’s Indian or continental, in fascinating saucers, trays and bowls. Serve them all in such grand ways that gives their taste buds the pleasure of pakodas, chilli potato, paneer-tikka, French fries, spring rolls, macaroni, pasta and all other items, along with the various appetizing soups, all with style.
  1. Drinks to please the gullet: Get your caterers to serve all your guests the energising and awesome drinks: wine, beer champagne, juices, ice-tea, cold coffee and mocktails in various creative and novel ways. There can be fancy pots, tubs, jars, goblets and glasses in various smart designs, also, miniature boats and cars to carry them, hand the guests cute-little stirrers along with fancy-shaped sugar and ice cubes too. A help-yourself mini bar can also be organised to elevate the lavishness of catering.
  1. Unforgettable Feast: Dish up with style and grandeur, the various cuisines and delicacies you have got prepared for guests. They aren’t there to just fill their stomachs, you should remember that they are there to enjoy too, hence, offering them special food in unique ways should be your prime concern. Make use of refined and snazzy cutlery and crockery of latest designs to serve them piping hot, delectable meal that’s well-presented with creativity and class. Have the attendants delight your special guests personally by giving them a five-star hotel-like welcome and feel.
  1. Chaat and tikki in wine glasses: For those who love the crunchy delight of Chaat-paapri and aaloo-tikki, you can add more fun to the way they gorge on them, by handing them glassfuls of the same, in classy and elegant wine glasses. They would be engrossed in tucking in and admiring your choice.
  1. Barf-gola/chuski with a liquor zing: Barf-gola or chuski is something that not just kids but also elders love to guzzle. While for children, they can be made in different exciting flavours, for adults, especially, those having a liking for alcoholic delights, the chuskis can be immersed in fine-quality liquor.
  1. Liquor-filled Gol-Gappe: Most people, and ladies in particular, love binging on sweet-sour, yummy gol-gappe. If you play around a little with the filling and replace the regular flavoured-water with refined and expensive alcohol, they will definitely admire your imagination and style.
  1. GulaabJamuns in Cocktail crystalware: If you have the absolutely essential, gulaabjaamuns served hot in sophisticated, cocktail glasses, your guests are bound to be enchanted.
  1. Heart-shaped Halwas: For those who are fans of the traditional and popular Moong-dal and Gajarhalwas, you can have them laid out in various creative shapes, with the heart shape being the most-loved by everyone. For kids, the same halwas can be served in attractive, toy-like shapes.

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