Beloveds Birthday: Celebrate It By Sending Him or His Favourite Flavour


Birthdays are the best moments, when you celebrate someone’s existence in your life, who have made your life blessed. Therefore, no one should let go the occasion, and hence, plan everything to make that day happy and celebrated. But sometimes, it happens that people whom we love are in other cities and hence, one on one celebration is not possible.

In that case, obviously you cannot let go the occasion, and hence, you need something extra should be planned. But what, you can neither travel down nor can they come to you due to some possible reasons. Then? Well, quite simple; send them birthday cakes through online cake delivery.

Yes, the newest and the finest possible solution, in which despite you are far away from loved ones, your best wishes is reached with lovely cakes.

What cake option you can choose?

In cake delivery, everything is as same as you do. You select a cake of your flavour and design, and the cake is delivered with your lovely message written on it. In fact, you get a plenty of cake options, which you can send to your love making it truly an auspicious occasion for your loved one.

Types of cake you can order for your loved ones

Cakes in any design and flavour make peoples happy, but when it is slightly different and of desired taste and flavour, then person is a lot more happy that usual. Therefore, to savour the taste as well as the eyes, there are multitudes of cake options are available. To help you with some, here are the options:-

  • Fruitcakes: Keeping it simple and nutritious, you can order the fruit cakes, where the cakes have chucks of the fruit, you ordered. Despite the chunks, the cake also has the same flavouring. Well, my personal favourite is pineapple…what you would like to send.

fruit cake

  • Fondant cakes: These are generally the designer cakes, where you can choose the theme and designs from their catalogue. What I sent to my niece was a strawberry flavoured cake with her favourite cartoon character designed on it…she loved it!!!

Fondant cakes

  • Photo cakes: These types of cakes are unique of all where the cake has the chosen picture from you. For example, if it is your father’s birthday and if you are out in your college then choose some of the memorable pictures of you and your father and get it transferred on the cake. He would simply love the gesture from you!!

photo cake

  • Frosting cakes: These cakes are the general cakes with extra frosting which every one of us have cut on our every birthdays. Here you can chose your flavours like strawberry, chocolate, black forest, etc.

Frosting cakes

  • Cupcakes: Cupcakes are not the big cakes actually, but small cakes of cup size, which are easy to be handed and gulped in two takes; sometimes one only! You can choose different cupcake and get them assorted in a beautiful bucket with different toppings.

cup cake

So, I hope I have given you enough of the choices to select. Hurry up, select one that makes your beloveds happy for their birthdays…in fact, I would say there should be no occasion of showing love!!!