4 Ways to Manage Supply Chain Consulting In India


Supply chain is a part of the major activities of any enterprise and operates as an inherent task that needs to be clearly manifested by business managers in order to succeed in the long run. A supply chain operation encompasses all activities, spanning from the procurement of materials to the after sale services. In recent days, managing the supply chain operations has become a relatively important task for businesses.

The increasing level of competition in the world wide economy has compelled several industries to resort to drastic actions so that they can remain competitive in the global economy. In this scenario, many firms have been rendered with an immediate need to perform under pressure and deliver as per the requirements of the customer. While this target seems too easy to achieve, it is nearly too less practical to perform in reality. Organisations have been forced to look beyond the chain of their regular operations into the chains of other performance areas so that they can explore a solution to the gap between their firm and the customer.

AGS is a leading source for supply chain consulting India. The firm has a thorough and advanced level of hold over existing and emerging situations in the Indian economy, which have come to effect the functioning of the economic functions as a whole. AGS is well adept at maintaining several long term and multiyear partnerships with leaders in the industry. Owing to this partnering, AGS enjoys a wide network of understanding and database that serves as the basis for its proficient services. AGS understands the working model for real success in the real world environment. The team at AGS works in the following areas to explore and manage supply chain consulting in India:

  1. Creation of apt supply chain strategy: AGS delves into the core area of supply chain management and helps in the creation of strategies that can successfully cross the hurdles existing in the market and bring out targeted solutions for global companies.
  2. Maintaining supply chain diagnostics: Very often, the problem is found, not in the availability of the right strategies but their actual implementation. AGS works in the field of supply chain management by detecting any anomalies in the existing supply chain operations of the global companies so that they can adapt well to the Indian context. Also, by analysing the supply chain operations of the global companies, AGS helps in identifying and suggesting corrections in the existing structure of supply chain operations of the global company. In this way, AGS helps in achieving complete diagnosis of the supply chain systems.
  3. Capacity expansion and capital procurement activities: While supply chain operations in themselves are an important component of setting up a business in the Indian economy, a global company, simply cannot overlook the importance of paying heed to the components of capacity expansion and capital procurement in India. One cannot simply begin production and manufacturing operations in the country and expect to get returns on that. AGS services target optimum service provision by analysing capacity and arranging for required capital that needs to be invested in the company.
  4. Supply chain risk management: The task of a supply chain consulting India does not get over simply by managing the operation of the value chain. For effective provision of solutions, they also need to look beyond the value chain and into the supply chain risk management activities in order to analyse and evaluate the possibility of occurrence of any activities that are likely to hamper the normal conduct of activities at the global company being set up in India.