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In the case where Domino’s refused to deliver the ordered pizza to the Hobbs, severe ethical issues arise around the situation and reasons for failing to provide the pizza. It is clear that the decision-maker is Domino’s management as it is tasked with safeguarding its employees’ welfare in situations that could cause harm to them. The blacks in the neighborhood may claim that segregation was applied to deny them the delivery of the pizza, raising a serious ethical issue surrounding the case. As such, the decision-maker, Domino’s management, should take it to themselves to educate the residents of the streets that based on the fact that its employees have previously undergone torture and even got murdered while delivering pizza, it is responsible for disallowing such delivery services to such a neighborhood regardless of its inhabitant’s race. 

In making such an informative move, the decision-maker should consider the loss of clientele in this region, giving rise to the question What changes can I make to make it favorable to deliver pizza in this crime-stricken area? How would I convince the clients to cooperate with the chosen decision to guarantee their loyalty to our products and services? In answering these questions, the interests of the delivery workers should come as a priority in the case. The clients may disregard such a decision, but it remains clear that the employees’ lives are at stake when entering and exiting such hostile environments. It may be argued that the clients would change vendors and opt for a Domino’s competitor or even give up pizza altogether, but since the employee is an innocent entity in such a delivery dealing, their safety is of utmost importance. If I were to offer advice to the decision-maker, I would ask them to prudently approach the matter to ensure that both parties, the employees and the clients, are taken care of in a transaction. This is because the two parties form integral parts of a business venture, and it is only through the amicable understanding of the two parties that the business operations would continue to be a success to the firm. Maintaining a cordial relationship between the employees and the clients would promote ethical understanding, leading to the respect of each other’s undertakings and rights and lessen the burden of criticism that would come with neglecting a party for the other. Ultimately, the clients will be satisfied with the quality of service while the employees and the management team would enjoy work gratification and higher revenues.