Blue Drive Technology by Hyundai for a Greener Planet


With the rising scarcity of natural resources, the automobile industry is facing a tough time. Things are getting tougher as the gas price is crossing the boundary of affordability and at the same time when the planet is asking for some relief to breathe. Hyundai as always couldn’t stay numb in this period of crisis and hence came up with some excellent solutions that hits all the issues with the same ball. At Hyundai, they call it the Blue Drive Technology, that has brought satisfactory answers for all the above questions that are troubling the current urban society. The green technologies used in the vehicles so far have compromised the performance level of the vehicles, and hence people are hesitant to switch to the green cars. But this time Hyundai has even addressed this issue with the Blue Drive Technology, proudly announced the experts serving at the Center of Hyundai service near Orlando.

The Goal of Blue Drive Technology

Behind the invention of the Blue Drive Technology, the philosophy that Hyundai followed is Green energy doesn’t necessarily have to indicate a dull performance. Setting up a goal of achieving a 54.5 MPG by the year 2025, Hyundai is developing this technology rapidly to manufacture the best eco-friendly vehicles across the globe.

For that Hyundai has taken up the following missions to achieve its goal as said above.

Lowering Down the Pollution Level

The Eco-Technology Research Institute of Hyundai is working day and night to support the environmental movement of this automotive brand. It is only there from which the concept of Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle emerged. At this institute, the group of scientists are extensively conducting the studies to manage the existing green energy initiatives in a better way.

There the scientists are investing in all latest theories to develop a new innovative technology that can revolutionize each and every part of the automotive industry, making us change the way we use our vehicles. This approach is helping in creating newer ways to lower down the levels of air pollution that are formed through vehicle exhausted emissions. The aim was always to create more efficient systems for the electric-motors. That in turn also enhances the sustainability of the sources of raw-material used in this industry for manufacturing the vehicles and are revolutionizing the existing vehicle recycling methods.

The experts of the Orlando Hyundai service center explained that this Blue Drive Technology is being used by the Hyundai engineers to make more efficient powertrains that can enhance the performance of all electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The technology is also contributing in making zero-emission electric vehicles and from there a handful of fuel-cell models that run only on hydrogen. The result is emitting pure water.

Bringing About the Difference

This Green Move initiative from Hyundai has not only changed the environment for the automotive industry but has also encouraged people to become more conscious about their contribution in making the planet look greener. With the implementation of advanced recycling programs and cultivating forests Hyundai has carried out its responsibility towards saving the environment of the planet from where it operates.