Different problems while setting up a school


Any nation that is thinking about becoming a super power in every case, it always requires a sufficient strength to realize its ambition. There are several ways to achieve this power, one of which is education, which should be available to everyone. India has taken some steps in this regard as a nation.

In India, mandatory free education is provided to every child up to 14 years of age. However, questions and problems are not on the access to education but on the quality of education being provided.

There are two types of schools in India that include government owned or government-assisted and privately owned schools. Government schools are doing a commendable job to make education available to more and more people, and generally these government schools are imparting education on free or at a nominal fee which is actually accessible to everyone. It is very helpful for people in urban areas.

For whom it is not possible to take children into more expensive private or government-aided schools and rural areas, perhaps this is the only way in which children can get good education and dream of better future. However, there are some problems setting up a school at the beginning –

Education and facilities provided to students of government schools are not known for those standards which are provided at starting a private school. Apart from this, after a few years of education, government schools are seen to be struggling with waste. Perhaps the main reason for this incident is the lack of jobs in rural areas especially for the educated youth in India.

Perhaps this is an area where the authorities need to see whether the education movement is succeeding in the rural areas. The reason for this is that the ability and skill of the workforce is such a thing which can even make the destiny of any country and can spoil it, there is no exception in this matter in India.

Second, the Government is recruiting teachers in schools in rural areas, but the teachers do not always report on time or the schools are not coming at all, their wages are not being paid, which is not being paid for justice system there is terrible exploitation. Students do not even notice if the teacher is not coming to school.

The facilities here are similar to private or government-aided schools and this is probably the reason why they are not in a position to make their students more capable. Since they have a large number of students, this means that most Indian youth are not ready to afford high-level jobs and responsibilities.

It is said that a team is as strong as its weakest player and India is a country where there is a lot of villages. Unless the weak sections of our great country are endowed with due rights, then it will be better not to dream of becoming a superpower in the world because such ideas can never be fulfilled at any time.