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Attention Parents! Is your child’s mental state vulnerable during the lockdown?


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Children are a bundle of innocence, who aren’t much aware of the outside world. Taking care of them is a challenging task, especially when the country is under lockdown from almost two months .

This prolonged lockdown may bring stress in different ways, such as making people more emotional, anxious, angry, or agitated. But, parents have to act maturely and handle the situations calmly.

The Coronavirus outbreak and the following lockdown are taking a toll on the mental health of families, and children are more prone to be affected. As per doctors at AMRI Hospitals, many children could face issues related to increased anxiety, insomnia, depression, and even stress.

Health experts at AMRI Hospitals is also known as teleconsultation hospital in Kolkata recommend some guidelines to maintain and improve your child’s mental health and prevent them from any kind of distress.

1. Address your children in a supportive way with a smile

2. Children require care and attention from adults around them during these difficult times; listen their concerns and show them extra love and care

3. Talk in a kind and gentle manner; if possible, play and relax with children, utilise their energy by giving some interesting tasks

4. Prevent your children from coming in contact with strangers

5. If your child is hyperactive and is reacting in a weird manner, then contacting a counsellor is a good idea

6. Maintain a regular routine and schedule for a disciplined life during lockdown

7. Indulge them in some kind of online classes or art work, which will keep them busy

8. Educate them about proper hygiene habits during the lockdown so that they are safe

Moreover, it is necessary to provide proper facts and knowledge about the current scenario to children so that they can be conscious and act responsibly. Also, it is equally important to take good care of yourself along with your children. In India, over 78,000 Coronavirus positive cases and more than 2,500 fatalities have been reported till now.


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