At-Home Advantage: Why Small Business SEO Service is Key in 2020


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an organic strategy that can make your business more visible online. Without organic traffic online, you’re missing key audiences and customers. Over 40% of revenue online is captured by organic traffic.

It’s no secret that large companies enjoy the benefits, but is SEO worth it for small businesses? 2020 has shown us that online efforts are key to keeping your business afloat as more people are searching for products and services from home. SEO is especially important for small businesses that can offer local benefits to customers.

Consider how small business SEO services can impact your bottom line. Read more to discover the benefits of SEO and how to get started.

Local SEO Brings in Customers

One of the key benefits of local SEO for small business is finding new customers. Studies show that 75% of users online never click past the first page of search results. By implementing an SEO strategy that lets you rank for high-value keywords, you could expect a 50-75% increase in site traffic.

Another important aspect of small businesses SEO is targeting by location. By using local SEO, you can rank for keywords like “pizza shop near me” or others relevant to your offerings. Most searches online are for local products and services and tend to have a high conversion rate.

By using local SEO, you’ll also be making your efforts a little bit easier. Ranking nationally is usually reserved for large businesses that have had years to build up trust and credibility. Local rankings give you the foundation you need to begin competing for more broad audiences online.

SEO Increases Sales

Small business SEO services aren’t just about increasing traffic. By focusing on SEO, you can increase your sales and help grow your business.

Ranking high on search engines essentially guarantees a higher conversion rate. Your page quality is essential to conversions, but Google won’t rank pages if they don’t offer a beneficial user experience.

By reaching customers through SEO, you’re meeting them halfway. Online customers are more likely to convert through search since they already have the intent to make a purchase.

SEO differs from advertising since ads tend to be more disruptive and focused on awareness. When paired with an awareness strategy, SEO shows customers that you’re a quality brand ready to offer products or services.

SEO Helps Legitimize Your Brand

SEO shows customers and search engines that your business is credible and trustworthy. Google factors in backlinks, user experience, content and more into its ranking algorithm.

Backlinks are any links to your site from another site. The more high-authority links you have, the more it helps boost your SEO. For example, links from news sites, .edu and .gov sites are considered high authority by Google.

If high authority sites are mentioning you, it signals to Google that your business is credible. Google is more likely to rank your site higher so customers can reap the benefits of what you have to offer.

High-authority content and user experience also play into SEO. If your site has a high bounce rate, it shows that it might be difficult to use and understand. Google wants to see that you have engaging content that’s helpful for online users.

By incorporating all these factors into your SEO strategy, you could be on the path toward ranking on the first page of Google. Like we mentioned before, users are more likely to click links on the first page since they’re automatically associated with credibility and trust.

SEO Offers Long-Term Results

While advertising offers short bursts of traffic, SEO for small businesses is a more sustained strategy.

Many businesses slack on SEO efforts since they don’t provide immediate ROI. While this is true, the efforts you’ll see in months and years to come will prove worthy.

SEO offers a foolproof method for gaining new customers regularly. Though it takes time to rank for target keywords, it’s much easier to optimize your site than climb your way to the top. Once you’re ranking, you can implement an optimization strategy to maintain your traffic and see sustained results over months and years.

SEO algorithms are constantly changing through Google and other search engines. By starting early, you’ll be better prepared to understand the algorithm changes and pivot as needed.

SEO Helps You Beat the Competition

Local SEO for small businesses is essential to beating out the competition. Many times when users are searching online, they’re ready to convert as soon as possible. Google encourages immediate conversion through SERP features like shopping results, local packs, site links and more.

For example, the local pack shows your business address and brings up Google Maps so customers can visit a storefront. Shopping result SERPs show product images and prices while linking directly to product pages. These two SERPS alone can help drive sustained foot and digital traffic.

If you’re able to rank for first-page SERP features, you’re automatically beating the competition. Customers are more likely to click on the easy-access SERP features rather than clicking to additional search pages.

Your SEO efforts prove worthy while your competitors might be buried on less-visible pages.

Get Started With Small Business SEO Services

To get started using SEO, you’ll need to develop a content and optimization strategy. SEO includes efforts from writers, designers, developers and more.

Successful SEO requires coordination between the front- and back-end of your site. By working on both, you’re making your site appealing to Google and prospective customers. Focus your efforts on user experience and highly authoritative content. Visit our blog to learn more about small business SEO service