Alexander de Crew was Selected the new Prime Minister of Belgium, currently, he is the country’s Finance Minister


The Prime Minister’s post in Belgium has been vacant since the fall of former PM Charles Mitchell’s government 21 months ago.

Elections were held in Belgium 16 months ago, but no party had got a majority in this as well, there was a minority coalition government working in Belgium, 493 days later, the name of the country’s next Prime Minister was announced on Wednesday. Liberal leader Alexander de Crew will be the country’s next PM. He will lead the government formed by a coalition of seven parties. The new coalition will consist of two Socialist parties, two Liberals, two Green and one party headed by French speakers and Flemish speakers. 44-year-old De Crew is currently serving as the Belgian Finance Minister. He will be administered the oath of office by the King of Belgium on Thursday.

The Prime Minister’s position in Belgium has been vacant since the fall of former PM Charles Michel’s government 21 months ago. Elections were held 16 months ago but no party could get a majority in the elections. Subsequently, Sophie Willams was appointed acting Prime Minister.

Try to balance in parliament

Seven parties of the country met on Wednesday morning to discuss about choosing the Prime Minister and forming the government. After this the leaders of these parties met King Philip. The leaders discussed with King Philip the consensus on government formation and cabinet formation. The parties are expected to strike a balance in parliament after electing a Flemish (Splendor-speaking) leader as prime minister. French-speaking leaders will be in power and Dutch leaders will be in opposition.

There was no government in Belgium between 2010 and 2011

A caretaker government had been functioning in Belgium since the elections in May 2019. For the past six months, the minority coalition had been looking at functioning. This coalition had the support of the opposition. Belgium has an old history of political instability. Earlier, between 2010 and 2011, there was no government in the country for 541 days.