Advantages of Online Task Management Tool that cannot be ignored


We are going through a swift change in technology. Organizations that are operating in the quickly evolving technical space require intelligent solutions to their everyday needs. Task management is among the most important task that organizations are striving to do good these days. Many organizations face the problem of inefficient and faulty task executions resulting in missed deadlines. To cater these and any other issues rising due to miss management of task, online task management tools provide a great and pocket friendly alternative. Here are few benefits of online task management software that simply cannot be ignored.

 Prioritize tasks

Understanding which tasks are more important than others may seem simple, but it’s easy to get lost in the process when you have so much work to do. You start your workday in the morning and sometimes get lost in the completion of small, low priority tasks, which leave the important ones for another day. This can lead to missing deadlines or not getting the job done the right way, simply because of poor management. Task tracking allows you to prioritize your tasks and get the most important ones out of the way quickly and efficiently.

Team collaboration

Any form of marketing is a team effort, nobody can do it alone. With task tracking, team collaboration becomes easy. Discuss tasks, brainstorm on various topics, make real-time task updates together with your team and never forget an important idea. The best part is, you can always access the brainstorming sessions and review all the stored ideas/information anytime you want.

Share the workload

Managing a group of 10+ people isn’t easy. You will have to keep track of each person’s workload to know when to give more tasks to this person or delegate some tasks to others. There might be cases when an employee is assigned so many tasks at once, that it just becomes impossible to do everything on time, while ensuring high quality. Use the asana competitors software to monitor all the tasks assigned to employees and share the workload wisely.

Eliminate geographic barriers

Are you an international agency? Is one of your team members out of country? Maybe he or she is out of office and something urgent needs to be delivered ASAP? Task tracking software allows you to bypass all of these issues. Put everybody on the same page concerning each task by providing live updates and changes. There’s no need to wait another day or two for a teammate to return to the office – simply update the task online and you’re good to go.

Manage deadlines

When you are bombarded with a ton of tasks, it’s easy to get lost. There is no surprise that some deadlines might not be met due to lack of time, inefficient management or simply forgetting. When you use task tracking software, you’ll be able to significantly minimize the risk by allowing your team to set reminders and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Track time spent on tasks

Track every minute and hour spent on each task by each employee. With this information available, you can understand what assignments need more time than usual so you can plan your next similar project accordingly. It’s also a good way to estimate employee productivity. For example, if one of your employees takes considerably more time to complete a task than another one, you can consider reassigning tasks for maximum productivity.

Save more time on follow ups

When you assign a task to an employee, it’s important to follow up to check progress, ensure the tasks are proceeding smoothly, deadlines will be met and more. Each of these follow-ups take time, and you have to remember every follow up yourself. With task tracking, you won’t have to ever think about following up again. After creating and assigning a task to an employee, the software will take care of everything and you can see the progress online as employees just update their tasks real time.

Access anytime, anywhere

If you plan to continue working when you are out of the office or on weekends, but forget some important notes or information at your workplace, you’ll have to go back and get them. Task tracking software allows you to access your database anytime from any device: You just need an internet connection.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of task tracking software. If you have more than 10 employees, and are already struggling to keep up, it will only become worse as your agency grows.

But don’t worry, technology is there to help you out.