Path-breaking treatments in the field of Urology


Urology is a special domain of the medical science which treats the issues related so Kidneys, Urethra, uterus, adrenal glands, urinary bladder and male reproductive organs such as Prostrate, vas deferens, testes, penis, epididymis and seminal vesicles. The reproductive and urinary tracts are closely related in a human body which means that the disorder o one system will affect the other system.

The experts:

There are Doctors who specialize in the field of Urology with the help of Degree courses. The Doctors are known as Urologists. The Urologists are trained professionals who diagnose or detect and treat the diseases related to urinary bladder and the likes.  The Urology field includes management of Health conditions like Urinary tract infection, prostate enlargement, Kidney stones, bladder cancer, Prostate cancer and stress incontinence.

The Urologist might also need to work in close association with other specialists in few cases. In conditions like cancer of the urinary tract, the urologist needs to work along with the oncologist and radiotherapist. The Urologist might also need to associate with Nephrologists which deal with Kidney issues as well as Gynecologists which deals in female reproductive issues. The urologist also joins hands with an endocrinologist who treats hormonal disorders and endocrine system issues along with Pediatric surgeons and colorectal surgeons.

Best Urology treatment in India is offered at famous Hospital across the nation. Multi-speciality hospitals have special departments which include a panel of doctors that work in close association for treating the Urology issues. In India, the treatment is available at affordable rates in comparison to other places in the world.

The branches:

The Urologist might also go for specialization in various fields such as:

  • Endourology

Endourology works with the manipulation of the Urinary tract. The field has evolved up to a great extent and includes procedures which are less invasive in comparison to the older times. The treatment procedure includes the insertion of endoscopes in the urinary tract. Endourology includes procedures such as Prostate surgery, Stone removal surgery, Urethral Surgery and simple urethral surgeries.

  • Urologic oncology

The department of urology deals with cancers of Kidney, Prostate, adrenal glands, penis, testicles, bladder, and Urethra.

  • Neurourology

The Neurology department manages the conditions involved with abnormal urination. The examples of abnormal conditions are Parkinson’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis and injuries of the spinal cord.

–          Pediatric Urology

The pediatric urology involves the correction of urinary issues in children like underdeveloped genitalia, vesicoureteral reflux, and undescended tests.

–          Andrology

The Department of Andrology treats the disorders related to male reproductive organs such as infertility, erectile dysfunction, vasectomy reversal and ejaculatory disorders.

–          Laparoscopy

The Laparoscopy department is a branch of urology which has been evolving quite rapidly. It has even replaced the invasive surgical procedures which were used in ancient times. The field has been witnessing surgeries which are assisted by Robot. The surgeries include kidney, urethra, and prostate.

–          Female urology

The female urology department deals with overactive bladder, urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapsed. The field requires a thorough understanding of the pelvic floor along with physiology of voiding. The knowledge helps in proper diagnosis and treatment of the disorders.