A small room but a lot of work


The cabin rooms or cabinets that are there inside the office interiors are known as private office. They are typically meant for higher ranked officials in a company. The positions that are generally provided with such private office areas are Sales Department Manager, Secretary, General Manager, Managing Director etc. Private Office, the term itself is indicative of its characteristic feature. It is not a cubicle but is separated from all cubicle spaces by some kind of a partition. In case of highly confidential projects that are being handled by a particular company, generally the team handling it is allotted a separate room which is also identified as private rooms. The private offices for lease are a place or land given to a private company for rent. The annual or monthly rent of the office space is paid to the owner by the company. Office setups vary according to the nature of work.

There are different types of offices one can think of setting up:

Home Office– This type of office is perfect for start ups and new business houses. One can turn their own home, rooms, garages or apartments into offices which will incur less maintenance cost, etc. yet serve as a professional zone. Though distractions will come uninvited but it is really fruitful for a start up or the beginners who are still knocking the gates of the investors or banks for loans.

Virtual office: if a person does not want to be present in an office building or office the whole day, then one can opt for virtual offices. Many business houses are opting for such types of offices.

Co-working Offices: It is one of the most popular forms of set up that is trending now a days. In these types of offices, one gets the ambience of having a cup of coffee and working along with the entire day and night. It is popular among new business start ups having more than one team member, different freelancers and specialists as well.

Rental Offices: If one chooses to work or establish a new office then one can rent some area or room or an apartment which is sufficient enough for producing goods and services. IT is generally given on rent in a monthly basis and the amount depends on the location and size of the space that is rented.

Leased Offices: These types of offices are rented on contractual basis. Such offices are given on rent on contract of 6 months, one year or five years. The rent will vary from rental offices but it is more secured and binding.

Getting a place for office in rent is very difficult. One can get many advertisements on the internet for private offices for lease. Depend on the space and area the rent is decided. Different owner demands different rent according to their sense. Getting a place for lease is one of the biggest responsibilities of organization. If the area and location is good, the company will get more name and fame. Depending on these two factors many new employees will come to work for the organization.