The role of BPO services for banking sector


Financial or banking institutions face a number of hurdles to stay competitive and meet the ever-changing managerial controversies and compliance supplies. These institutions are liable to implement innovative resolutions to help reduce the expenditure on core operations thus managing a growth in the revenues. Ancillary to this, service providers are anticipated to provide operational productiveness and enhancements beyond the obvious, through groundbreaking approaches and methods. Alteration of operation system is an important requirement for all kinds of financial and banking institutions regardless of their size, in order to participate and stay within the market competition presently.

Everyday new challenges are being accounted in the landscape of financial consistency and the stakeholder’s exposure to threats and risks regarding security. Over the past several years growing dependency on technology and automation has resulted in numerous market outbreaks. Regardless of such commotions technological innovations has also supplied the market with extraordinary benefits.

Presently banks are redefining their consistency in the market place and creating a competitive edge to ensure perpetual growth. Technological advancement along with BPO companies is collaborating with banking sector to mold the key to success. Some of the essentials aspects to banks are:

  • To keep pace with the regulatory necessities financial and banking institutions are more strategic risk management models.
  • Implementation of outsourcing myriad services to cut cost and save huge unnecessary expenditure.
  • In case of core product segments business strategies are redefined to a whole new level.
  • To enhance customer needs and experience, data analytics are connected.

BPO companies providing services to the banking sector are casually defined by industry experts, advisors and frontrunners in the outsourcing industry. Some of the separate processes or transactional actions that support the loaning cycle under BPO services are mentioned below:

  • Acquisition of new leads include telemarketing activities, application processing, underwriting, verification and evaluation of customer’s or trader’s credit, approval of credit, processing document, opening accounts and customer support services and on-boarding.
  • Services related to account processes such as credit cards and consumer loans (i.e. any king of loans like personal loan, home loan etc.) are provided. These kinds of services include payment processing amenities and methods, call centre or customer service support operations like voice and email services, renewals of products and loan disbursements, managing customer and client documents, risk management and prevention concerning leakage of sensitive data.
  • Various consumer and commercial lending post initiations are transacted through processing services such as check processing, clearance and settlement services, transfer and records management.
  • Transaction management process for back office process for loans and credit card portfolios, comprising custody services, fraud alleviation and detection, regulatory and program compliance, portfolio analytics, reporting, transformations, management of technological fields, interface for customer data and custom expansion.

Banks are presently tightening their budget and are therefore collaborating with trusted BPO companies to reduce cost with enhanced revenue cycle management and adjusting with the new emerged regulations.