A family holiday with children is an experience not an expense with a travel loan


Travelling with children can be a wonderful experience. It is like reliving your childhood again. We can see the world through their tender eyes and live their small joys by experiencing the world anew. Along with the joys, you also need to be careful while travelling with the little ones, as they require a lot of care and a conducive environment.

Acquiring new experiences and exploring new places should always be a part of growing up. There is a whole world waiting for them to explore, outside the academics. Travelling is one of the best ways to increase their worldly knowledge and enhance their life experiences, to make them skillful and creative. There are many kid-friendly destinations in India where you can start your child’s outdoor sojourns.

Family vacations are an expensive affair as you cannot go in for budget stays or go backpacking. With a family, especially with young children, you need to select children friendly good hotels and also spend on a vehicle for internal travel.

If you are worried about dipping into your savings for the vacation and spending a big amount at one shot, then a travel loan is your best bet. Travel loans are a personal loan for travel purposes only. Financial institutions like Tata Capital offer affordable travel loans so that you can plan a family vacation for you and your children.

Travel loans are like personal loans, so you do not have to worry about security or collateral. They allow you the flexibility of paying for the vacation and easy repayment in monthly installments, making it easier for you.

The prospect of a personal loan for travelling purposes can be daunting for some. But there is nothing to worry as the interest rates are very affordable, so your travel loan will be affordable. To get an exact idea about how much is your EMI, use an EMI calculator, find out about your interest rates and tenure and get the figure.

One important thing to do before you apply for your travel loan is to check your travel loan eligibility. Your CIBIL score plays a major role in assessing your eligibility. A score over 750 is considered creditworthy by financial institutions like Tata Capital. They are also known to reduce your interest rate if you have a good CIBIL Score. If you are eligible and all your documents are in place, you can get your travel loan within 72 hours. It is hard to believe that things are so simple when it comes to a travel loan!

Now that you got that sorted, you can start planning for your family vacation. To help you with that, here is a list of a few child-friendly destinations in India.


Nothing in the whole wide world can teach a child more than what nature can. Not only does nature teach them to be environmentally conscious and give knowledge about the plant, floral and animal life, but also teaches them compassion and enhances their creativity. It is a good idea to introduce children to nature at a very young age so that they learn to respect and enjoy it better as they grow up. There is no place like Corbett for that. One of the best national parks in India, the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, is home to numerous species like deer, birds, elephants, Royal Bengal Tigers and many more. Stay in jungle lodges, embark on a jeep safari, trek on nature walks and jungle trails, do bird watching and introduce your children to the beauty of nature. With so much to do and so many things to learn, Corbett is truly one of the best family vacation destinations in India.

Your travel loan will be very useful during your Corbett vacation. You can spend for the numerous activities without having to worry about finances and truly give your child a memorable holiday experience.


Rich in history, culture and heritage, Jaipur can be a great learning experience combined with fun for your little one. With great architectural marvels strewn across the city at every corner, it is a fascinating experience for the children and sparks their imagination and love for history. Jaipur has fun-filled experiences for children of all age groups. Camel and elephant rides are a joyful experience. At some places, you can even paint the elephants or give them a bath and feed them. Colorful sights and beautiful handmade toys await them at many markets across the city. For a village fair like experience, visit Choki Dhani. You can sample the delicious Rajasthani food there. The astronomical instruments at Jantar Mantar are fascinating as well as informative for the older children. Jaipur Zoo is another great hangout for children of all age groups. Jaipur is truly an interesting and educative experience for your young one.

You can shop for some colorful clothes, handmade toys, handicrafts and collectables for your children to your heart’s content, without any worry, with your travel loan.


Children always love the beach. And Andamans boasts of one of the best beaches in Asia. Children love the tropical weather and the abundance of water and activities. The island archipelago with its golden beaches, sky blue waters, clear skies and bountiful beauty is a big attraction for family holidays.

Let the children enjoy playing in the water to their heart’s content. If they are older, take them for snorkelling or swimming with the elephants. That is an experience which they will remember for a long time. Watch beautiful corals from a glass bottom boat. Take a break from the beach with some interactive history lessons at Port Blair. Let them learn about the role of Andamans in the history of Indian freedom struggle. Explore Barren Island and other islands, each known for some unique beauty that it offers. Andamans has a variety of options for a memorable holiday with your little ones.

If you ever thought travelling with kids to any place will create a dent in your pocket your travel loan will support you all the way through. With your travel loan, you can visit each of these destinations and give your child vivid and interesting experiences.