Have you noticed that there is a skin care product for every concern? Fine lines? Check. Dark spots? You bet there is. Even cellulite is no exception to the healing power of a skin care product. So, would it shock you to say that even the production of human growth hormone (HGH) is advocated by some skin care creams out there? It may sound weird at first. I mean how can something that is merely skin-deep affect anything deep beneath the dermis? It’s definitely not the typical skin care cream you see in the different beauty magazines. But, it’s one that many more are starting to use.

A Specific Market

Unlike the normal anti-aging or anti-acne cream available, HGH creams are more targeted towards a very specific demographic. Wrinkles and pimples are inconveniences most people experience. But, deficiency of HGH? What is that even? The type of people who usually looks for these kinds of creams is those who partake in bodybuilding. People who want to add serious mass to their physique usually do it through the expected diet and exercise. If they want to level it up beyond what the gym can give them then they look to using supplements. Unfortunately, not all of these supplements are legal.

The Illegal Way

HGH is given to people who lack it in their system. If they experience delayed growth, weakness, and low energy, then they might be a candidate to receive this. In any case, it should only be administered by a doctor. It is banned in numerous countries to use HGH without a medical officer’s permission. That is because HGH has the power to dramatically make changes within the body. Plus, it’s not just a one-time thing. Injecting HGH can produce unwanted side-effects so to avoid this one needs to do numerous blood tests and visit the doctor countless time. It’s also very expensive to put HGH in your system. You can see how meticulous it is in having a doctor inject you with it, which shows how dangerous it is to self-medicate.

An Alternative Method

Due to the fact that HGH injectables are inaccessible to use for reasons related to bodybuilding, several safer and legal alternatives have popped up in the market. There are supplements that help mimic the effect of HGH and testosterone, and yes, there are skin care creams that are said to trigger your pituitary glands to produce HGH. But are these even effective? While there are legitimate supplements, there are no scientifically backed HGH creams. None have yet to be clinically proven to do what it says. To see the results, it’s best to try it yourself. Just expect an odd smell from the cream itself.

Do the Research

Before you go and purchase any of these safer alternatives, it’s always wise to research what’s the best option for you. Websites like Steroidly frequently features legal supplements for bodybuilders. They’re the safer way if you want to have a little extra help getting muscle mass.