Chemistry Versus Compatibility; What’s More Important?


That first kiss or that first date might have been way too amazing, more than you thought because both of you had similar interests or may be because you were attracted towards each other instantly. May be you stayed silent for most of the the night but that attraction was there lingering in between. And after that first kiss you were all starry eyed, you were overcome with all dreaminess and there were too many imaginary fireworks going off in the background but did you notice that despite all that attraction you had nothing to speak about. Now if we talk about that first date where you chatted so much that you lost the track of time did you notice that there was no spark or you had no butterflies in your stomach.

Well, it is that age old question about whether chemistry is more important or compatibility. Many may say that to make a relationship work you have to give up on one but aren’t we all looking for that perfect relationship which has both chemistry as well as compatibility. But is that even possible in reality?

A couple generally thinks that they need to be compatible to make their relation work or make it a long term relation. They believe that if you like the same kind of food, or if you’re into the same kind of music and share the same sense of humour; you will get along well and they tend to believe that they are a perfect match. Now that is, of course, until they decide to take your relationship to the next level. And that is when they notice that when it comes to anything physical like passion or that spark which makes others envy you, the pieces of the puzzle just don’t fit together. This generally happens when you meet some Indian girl for marriage online and you decide to meet to know more about each other. It is not a hidden fact thatcompatibility is just the similarities between lifestyles and values that was making your relationship work without too much too much compromise on one’s part. But again the question hear arises how long will this work as every relation needs that spark to keep it alive or it won’t be long when you start feeling that your relation has become a habit.

But if we see the flip side of the coin, there are couples who don’t enjoy the same social activities, who have the opposite taste in music and who just can’t agree on what restaurant to go to for dinner but still there is that physical attraction for each other that you cannot deny and it is this attraction that convinces you that you are perfect andyou can never feel this way about anyone else ever again. The fact is chemistry in a relationship largely relies on biology and that is what builds this intangible, unspoken connection that results in feelings of passion and romance. In fact, there is no real logic to chemistry but when you have you just know it and feel it as well.

So, this us back to the same question is compatibility more important than chemistry and vice versa. Well, I feel both are important equally as without a certain amount of compatibility you will be bickering over the silliest things and without chemistry your relation will start feeling to you like a habit. Many couples do wonder whether they Should be happy to compromise on one or the other. For instance, have the chemistry and then learn to love the things we don’t really admire about our partner or just create our own chemistry based on our compatibility? But do remember that in most relationships one may be of a higher priority than the other and similarly, the absence of one may become a ‘dealbreaker’ for some.

So, it is very important that you give your relation a chance because if you deny any relation based on any of the two you will never know what you missed out on. Love operates on various levels or as some couples say tangents, and it does include biology as well as behavior. So it won’t be wise on your part to judge a person solely on their first impression or that first date. It is always better to give them a chance even when you feel there is a slight possibility. That is how you can decide what feels right for you and the rest will definitely fall in place if you work towards it.

There are many Indian matchmaking sites and each one of them provides a list of prospects who has the same liking a yours but whether there is that spark or not that is up to you to decide or whether you are fine with just compatibility that is again your choice. So, the only answer to this never ending question is chance.