8 Best YouTube alternatives


As all we know, YouTube is known as the best platform for watching videos and the platform is used in all over the world. And, it is the most popular platform for videos. Apart from this, there are various YouTube alternatives available on the internet. And, the video is known as the most important part and there are ‘n’ numbers of video platforms that worth visit. Given below are some best YouTube alternatives which help to watch online videos.

1). Vimeo

Vimeo is the foremost alternative to YouTube. If you are visiting videos on a regular basis and want to obtain the best platform then Vimeo is the best. The website supports high-definition videos and includes a wide collection of user-generated fare and high-quality content. The website also provides the TV series & also supports videos 360-degree. The website is easy-to-browse and organizes all your videos according to the channel and category.

2). Metacafe

Metacafe is the best video website which is specialized in offering the video content of short-form. It is also known as the best alternative to YouTube. The content of this website includes everything that is, from the highlights to world’s most-watched surfers, to-the-point content reviews, & various tips. The browsing interface of this platform is straightforward having a menu bar which finally links to the Popular, Trending videos, and Latest videos.

3). Dailymotion

Dailymotion is the website which is also known as the best YouTube alternative. The website is also known as the like-for-like competitor of YouTube. The website has millions of users and videos are uploaded by professional publishers & amateurs. The videos are categorized according to the category & hot topics. Moreover, the trending videos are on the top. Only you have to create your account on Dailymotion and enjoy your videos easily.

4). Veoh

Veoh is also known as the best YouTube alternative which offers a bunch of videos. The platform boasts an array of HD videos and most of them are produced professionally. There is a wide range of videos and TV content that also includes full episodes & clips of your favorite shows. Veoh also offers music content of various genres. The platform also has a wide movie collection and memorable clips of various movies.

5). The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is the web-based library and the best alternative to YouTube. The website offers you’re the free content that includes software, books, music, and movies. The most important attribute of this platform is it offers you the Archive video content and a wide collection of famous historical content. You can also watch news reports, TV series, and movies. You can also upload the videos on The Internet Archive.

6). Crackle

Crackle is also the best alternative to YouTube and is the best online streaming website in which you can visit Hollywood movies, web series, TV shows, and various other videos. Moreover, you can also find some old movies stuff on Crackle. The platform has a good collection of TV serials from the past times.

7). Twitch

Twitch is the best website for enjoying online videos and the best alternative to YouTube. This particular platform is finally owned by Amazon. The main focus of this platform is offering you live videogame streaming, gaming-related shows talk, and esports. The platform also has some non-gaming videos. Twitch also offers the broadcast of several MP3 videos of concerts and festivals.

8). 9GAG

9GAG is also the best alternative to YouTube and offers you the best collection of multiple things that include goofy and fun such as GIFs, gaming videos, funny photos, memes, gaming videos, anime, and numerous other videos categories. The platform has a wide collection of videos content that offers a lot of fun and enjoyment. The platform is easy to use and accessible. All the videos on this platform are sorted in the best way.


As all we know, YouTube is known as the best video streaming website and it is used globally. YouTube is known for its wide collection of videos & it has its association with Google. But, the websites that are listed above are also known as the best alternatives to YouTube and they also provide you the best collection of videos streaming. If you are exploring for the best YouTube alternative then check out the above video streaming websites and get the best free movies streaming website.