Tips for effective fine art logistics


To transport precious and valuable items is always risky, whether you have certain experience in effective fine art logistics or not. Hence, whether it comes to moving oil paints or sculptures, it is very important to ensure they arrive at their destination in a good condition.

You stand to gain from a few tips on how to move you’re fine art successfully. Here they are:

Running for money is never a good idea

It is always great to save a few money but in the cost of your valuable art. The job needs to be done the right first time around. The slightest damage to your art could result in thousands of Rends worth of damages. While you love and value your art, it is always best to get a professional to pack and prepare the piece, before it is collected and transported to its new home.

Choose the right shipping boxes

Choosing right shipping box is very important part of packing, you need to use only durable double-wall corrugated boxes which are little bigger than the size of the artwork you need to ship. Always remember to pack a single item in two boxes, each filled with cushioning material for better safety.
Always go for Bigger Packaging

Instead of using a box that fits your art perfectly, opt for bigger boxes, so that you can use some bubble wrap. Bubble wrap can absorb the impact if the art is bumped or dropped. It can also provide extra protection for the surface of the art. Scratches and scrapes are unwanted. The more bubble wrap, the better.

Do Not Fail to Plan

Moving fine art effectively is all about proper planning. When you select a fine art logistics company to handle your move, it is best that they visit your premises to assess the art, and to come up with a strategic moving plan. By planning and discussing how the move will be handled, all parties involved will be fully prepared and ready to carry out their tasks with meticulous care. The more you plan, the less risk there is of damage to your fine art.

Do Not Overlook Temperature

Make sure that you consider the type of fine art that you are moving to. Some fine art can be damaged by extreme heat or cold. You need to make sure that you take this into account. A professional logistic company cannot control the weather, but they will have the right packing supplies and equipment to ensure that our artwork is not exposed to any adverse conditions. Know your own artwork, first and foremost. A professional fine art logistic should know all about your art and how to handle it, but it is best that you do not rely solely on that. If you have the know-how, you can direct your moving team effectively, and ensure that no problems arise.

Last words

Whether you are moving your treasured art collection to your new home, shipping a valuable artwork overseas, or simply hanging a large painting over the fireplace, it is good to have a reliable art logistics company to handle this job for you.
Unlike books, clothes, towels, and other household items, moving art implies certain challenges that call for specific responses and efforts. The same applies to move antique furniture and delicate interior design pieces.