The Comfortable SUV That You Can Buy – Tata Harrier

The Comfortable SUV That You Can Buy - Tata Harrier

Are you looking for buying the latest SUV for your family? In case, if you are looking for the best car then below given information is about  TATA Harrier interiors, price and other features in detail. You can refer to buy this car for your family as it is the best option for yourself.

TATA Harrier Price – When it comes to TATA Harrier  Price, then the SUV is launched with the price range of around 15 to 19lakhs. However, the TATA Harrier Price varies with different set of models.

Interior  features of TATA Harrier

The TATA Harrier is one of the amazing car that has launched with impressive features. The car is launched with the touch screen information which provides all the information like speed, GPS, location and maps.  The car is also equipped with a climate control system that helps in maintaining the temperature of the car. The car is equipped with high-quality audio systems that offers high-quality music to the  passengers.

Exterior features of TATA HARRIER

The  TATA Harrier is launched with the magnificent exterior  features. The car is launched with a strong  body that is equipped with the alloy wheels. The  SUV  is launched with the length of around 4598mm, the width of around 1894mm, and height is around 1706mm. The car is also equipped with a ground clearance of around 205mm that offers a boot space of around 425litre. The car is launched in several colors like white, black, silver, blue, etc.

Safety features of TATA Harrier

The  TATA Harrier is one of the safest cars that is launched with the airbags attached on each seat. The adjustable power steering offers a comfortable drive to the driver. The car is having an anti-theft system as it is equipped with front and rear parking sensors to offer safety to the car.

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The engine of TATA HARRIER

The TATA Harrier is launched with a powerful engine that offers a power of around 140 PS and torque of around 350Nm. The car is also equipped with 6-speed gearbox to offer the automatic transmission. Moreover, the car is equipped with a 2.0litre diesel engine which offers a mileage of around 14 to 17kmpl.

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There are several SUVs which are launched every year with impressive features. For the ones who are looking to buy the best SUV  for themselves then can refer to TATA Harrier.


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