10 Best Makeup Brands every woman should know

Makeup Brands

Makeup is something every woman love to wear in India. But professional makeup brands can only transform a simple girl into a stylish person. It does not mean you have to visit any makeup studio to get that look. Here in India, there are the best makeup brands available. There are a lot of products you can buy here and used your own.

Here are the top cosmetics brands India every woman should know:

  1. MAC or Make-Up Art Cosmetic

MAC is definitely the topmost brands in cosmetic products. They have got a large range of tones, styles, and product suitable for every girl skin type. Now MAC products are easily available in India.

  1. L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris is famous especially for lipsticks. They have the most range of matte lipsticks and foundation. Maybelline parent company is Loreal. You can a lot of products at an affordable price and also not so affordable too. But the thing is their products are worthy for the money. If you do not find the best hydrating and long-lasting matter lipstick yet then try out this brand matte range.

  1. Maybelline New York

The most favorite beauty brand available in India is Maybelline. It has the majority of makeup products. They have beauty products for each requirement. If you want a volumizing mascara Maybelline mascara will not disappoint you. They have an affordable and long-lasting foundation and concealer that fit your range. Their range of color show nail polish is the best thing they have as well as lipstick.

  1. Revlon

If you are looking for an original cosmetic product, Revlon is the one. They still manage to keep their reputation with stunning liners, lipsticks, and glosses. They do not launch so many products every year because they are not in any competition with the other brands. But if they launch any product people just die to have a one. The color stays ranges of Revlon come up with the best products. Their super lustrous lipsticks said to be most affordable and stay for a long time. The Photo ready primer of this range is the best primer you can have for oily skin.

  1. Lakme

Lakme is the Indian beauty brand with a lot of skin and beauty care products. This brand now comes with 9 to 5 range which is the raved range from all time. Lakme has started with rose powder first which is still the favorite among many Indian women. Now they expanded into one of the top beauty giant competing with other beauty brands of the world. If you are a first time user then try to visit any Lakme counter because this brand cannot disappoint you.

  1. Colorbar

The brand that does not need any introduction is Colorbar USA. The brand launches a lot of products and brings great expectation in people which they rarely disappoint. The lipsticks of colorbar are worthy for a shot especially those velvet matte range. If you want any particular lip shade there is 90% chance to get that shade in Colobar brand.

  1. Coloressence

This is yet another brand getting more popularity. The gel eyeliner of Coloressence is really good but it is only available all the time, very rare in stock. They have got great base makeup products and the eyeshadow palettes are really affordable, long lasting and super pigmented.

  1. Street Wear

Streetwear nail polishes are available at all stores and buy sponge online India. This brand has a great line of lipsticks.

  1. Elle 18

An affordable makeup brand available in India is Elle 18.

  1. Lotus Herbal

If you are looking for natural cosmetics, Lotus Herbal is that one.