My Real Experience After LASER Treatment for Piles


I had a mild case of Piles for a long time until the situation got worse, and I had to consult a doctor for rectal examination. I was diagnosed with grade 2 piles which could grow into grade 3 anytime soon had it been left untreated.

Fortunately, I took the laser treatment on time, and the problem was nipped in the bud.

Here I would like to share my experience regarding LASER treatment for piles, and I hope this helps patients standing at the crossroad, to make a decision.

Upon diagnosis, I got worried and a tad bit embarrassed. I knew I should be more worried than embarrassed, but Piles are something people talk about in a hushed tone and usually open up only in the confines of a clinic. That’s what I did because talking to a friend about it would have hardly helped.

The doctor advised me to undergo Laser Hemorrhoidectomy, which is a laser-based treatment for piles. As an informed individual, I was aware of the effectiveness of Laser treatment for various medical conditions, but piles? I was a little too skeptical and anxious and put forth my concerns. First off, I wanted to know how I got piles in the first place. To answer that accurately, my doctor asked a few questions.

“Is there anyone in your family a patient of Piles?”

This question makes sense because Hemorrhoids run in the family.

“Not that I know of”, I replied.

“Have you had constipation before being diagnosed with Piles?”, he asked.

“Yes. Visiting toilet seems a tug-of-war situation. The bowel is never clear, no matter how long and hard I try”, I replied in frustration.

And after a few more questions about my diet and lifestyle, I was told that chronic constipation and eating spicy food were the underlying causes of my condition.

Although I was considered a Grade 2 case, it was on the verge of turning into Grade 3. To this, my doctor advised me to undergo LASER Treatment for immediate relief. However, oral medication was an option, but it was a bit late for that to work.

So, I finally went under the LASER.

I was given anesthesia in my spine, which made the ‘less painful’ procedure almost painless for me. I was not wearing a watch at that time, but I can venture a guess that the treatment continued for over 50 minutes, or maybe less, or maybe time slowed down because of the anesthesia. The doctor says it was a 43-minute long procedure. I had trusted them with the operation, so I trusted them on this too.

Post LASER treatment, I was given a few pain-killers and antibiotics to keep me sane for the day. And after 7 hours of bed-rest under observation, I was free to go.

As I walked out of the clinic and the effect of pain-killers faded away, I felt mild pain in the operated area. The pain lasted for a week, but it was fairly bearable and would feel nothing when under the effect of pain-killers.

After the first week of treatment, I was headed on the path of recovery and to this day, the problem hasn’t resurfaced. Of course, I made some changes to my lifestyle, but the LASER treatment has been above all a saving grace.

Post-treatment, I reduced the intake of spices; replaced junk with fresh fruit juice and did regular exercise to keep my rectum healthy.

LASER Treatment is a non-pervasive treatment as well as a safer alternative to conventional methods. It is safe and effective because the LASER beam is highly focused on the piles and does not damage healthy tissues around them. This ensures fast relief and even faster recovery.

It’s been three months since I underwent LASER treatment for piles, and I can confidently say that I have never felt better than in the last couple of years. Highly recommended for patients with a bad case of piles.