Wondering How to Choose the Best Shampoo -Go for A Sulfate Free Shampoo


Every time you are at a supermarket buying personal care products, you get confused among dozens of shampoo brands available, right? The fact that, the daily shampooing can be damaging to hair if you use harsh chemical products. Such products make hair brittle and leave no moisture in them. So, for all those daily shampoo users who desire soft and silky hair, but do not want to compromise with the strength or health of their hair can find their peace within a bottle of an organic sulfate free shampoo. The shampoo is organic, chemical free and lets the natural hair to be natural at any cost.

Why organic shampoos

Ingredients like glucosides and glycerin are avid for organic shampoos. Glucosides are derived from glucose, and glycerin is a byproduct of vegetable oils. Both the components are known for nourishing and strengthening the hair because they provide daily nutrients and oils that keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Shampoos that have synthetic chemicals like sulfates are a bad choice for daily hair cleansing. Sulfates, also known as sodium laurel sulfates, are added to shampoos to increase lather. Not only does this chemical cause skin irritation but also dry out the hair and scalp.

Adding to the benefits, many personal care products are usually tested on animals before they hit the marketplace. An organic shampoo tends to be gentle and non-irritating due to its natural ingredients, which makes it less cruel than a regular shampoo that contains toxic chemicals.

Looking for a daily shampoo that can solve a specific problem

If you are looking for a daily shampoo that would be able to solve a particular problem, make sure that the product you buy comes with the ingredients relevant to your problem. This involves analyzing the ingredients without becoming the victim of those creative advertisements starring celebrities who do not even know about the ramifications of harsh chemical ingredients that most of the shampoo brands come with.

Do you have permed or colored hair

Permed and colored hair needs more attention and should be washed using organic shampoos that are designed for treated hair. The advice goes especially for those who like to wash their hair daily. People, who wash their permed or colored hair with regular shampoos that contain unnatural chemicals, usually find themselves spending more money to have those treatments done more often.

While choosing right shampoo for the daily-use purpose, make sure that you select the one that is suitable for your hair type. However, an organic sulfate free shampoo could be a choice for any hair type. People with sensitive skin or dry hair can pin their hopes on these shampoos, as they work well on such types of problems and make the hair much softer and healthier than a regular shampoo. But do not expect that thick and rich lather that you get from a regular shampoo. These shampoos don’t carry sodium lauryl sulfate that is responsible for creating lather, but you will surely get silkier, shinier hair with a rich cleaning.