Rental Kitchen Frustration and Hacks to Fix Them


In a rental apartment, you don’t get chance to decorate the kitchen as you wish. Even, sometimes, you get such a small kitchen that you can’t figure out how to décor it well. Here are few ways to solve the kitchen hacks and make your rental kitchen look beautiful without making your landlord angry-

  • What to Do with Cabinets

You might wish to have rich walnut cabinets in the kitchen of your flat for rent in Bangalore, but the rental kitchen has honey oak. What to do if you can’t stand that shade? If you have a flexible landlord, you are blessed. If not, you can try some other ways-1

Img source: house&garden

  • If you are allowed to paint the background walls, you can paint it dark blue. Black and white palette will look awesome. But, what if your landlord doesn’t approve it? Buy wallpapers of the same color and bring the contrast.
  • If cherry color is too vibrant to you, grey walls can neutralize the effect. This will be definitely soothing to your eyes.
  • Don’t Get Irritated with Drawers

You may find wonky drawers at your kitchen. It is true that you can’t solve this problem entirely but make yourself comfortable by avoiding those. Instead of yanking at those and jostling with the drawers, you can solve your problem peacefully.

  • Buy utensil holders to arrange all spoons, ladles and whisks.
  • Use the counter top to arrange flat utensils.
  • Buy a hanging cabinet with pockets to keep knives and other things in order.
  • Check the Lighting Arrangement

Kitchen is the place where you need bright lighting arrangement the most and you can’t compromise with it. You can illuminate your kitchen as you wish and your landlord has nothing to object. Go for LED lights and take it away while moving away.2

  • Deal with Ugly Countertop

If you think there is nothing to do with the ugly countertop, you are thinking wrong. Yes, it is true that you can’t change it but you can do trick to hide it. Buy a big and nice-looking cutting board and keep it always on the countertop.

  • Extend Your Countertop

If the countertop is not enough spacious, you don’t need to get cranky. The space, beside your oven, is usually not used for anything. Use it as counter top by connecting it with and integrated cutting board.

  • No Space for Kitchen Table

Don’t need to be panicky. If there is no space for kitchen table, you can make space easily. Go for wall-mounted table. Use it when necessary and fold it up after you are done. If you don’t have any living space or that space is small too, having wall-mounted dining table can save much space.5

  • Other Irritating Details

Do you have oil spots on wall? Wash immediately. If there are any permanent ugly marks on floor, throw a rug on it. Do you hate backsplash? Temporary tile tattoo will help.

So, these are the kitchen hacks you can face in a rental house, but with these tips you can customize your kitchen and use it happily.