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Why You Should Integrate Salesforce With Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge


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Nonprofit organizations can rise and fall based on how well they manage critical information. Employing a haphazard approach to compiling and making use of data leads to inefficiency and waste. However, database offerings differ in functionality and purpose. That is why institutions need to think carefully when choosing data collection for nonprofit organizations software. As an industry leader, you may consider integrating different solutions, especially if you already have a package but want to explore other options. The following reasons for expanding beyond the traditional single-choice data solution to an integrated model may make sense for your organization.

What Salesforce Nonprofit Software and Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge Provide

Salesforce has long been a leading for-profit software specialist in data management; its products offer customizable flexibility. Recently, the company added salesforce nonprofit software integration as one central component. Since this pack broadens the scope of the platform, it can appeal to companies interested in expanding, or it may draw in nonprofits seeking fully customizable software solutions. Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge has a long history as the nonprofit software gold standard in fundraising and donor management. Raiser’s Edge may be more accessible initially; this relative ease-of-use, combined with its long-standing nonprofit focus, makes it an industry favorite.

How Salesforce Nonprofit Software Integrates With Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge

You may want to tap Salesforce’s data management strengths along with the Blackbaud’s fundraising network solutions when considering how to drive different avenues of information. Consider, for example, how your employees and volunteers are the cornerstones of your organization. They make calls, send out letters, communicate internally and in every way drive fundraising operations using Raiser’s Edge to organize the process. At the same time, you can manage this network of people and connect their Blackbaud movements using elements of Salesforce. This integration means different sectors of your institution work in harmony rather than in isolation, so the compiled data is accurate.

Why Understanding Your Nonprofit Data Is Key to Making Accurate Decisions

It is critical that you target the right groups when fundraising. You waste time and energy approaching people or businesses that would not be attracted to your mission; efficiently accessing appropriate nonprofit datameans you can focus your efforts where you will have success. At the same time, long-term relationships are important. Consider the following institutional publication scenario, for example. What if spouses who met at a university both receive the same alum magazine twice yearly and, after reaching out to eliminate one copy, still receive two? Donors want to feel confident that their gifts will go to an organization that operates efficiently and effectively.

How To Manage Integration

Be aware that integrating sophisticated data software would be a challenge for your technology department. Historically, these kinds of systems have never communicated seamlessly. To manage data integration, you need to turn to companies that specialize in the process both on the front end and for continuing support.

Operating efficiency is more important than ever for nonprofits in today’s economic environment. Effective data integration is a powerful strategy-step to keep your organization functioning fluidly.


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