Why Mercedes Evokes Positive Reaction From Auto Enthusiasts?


The German auto industry is known throughout the world for its technical perfection. This high-tech industry with the help of robots goes into such finer detailing that any car coming out of the assembly line can be considered as an example of technical mastery that Germany has achieved over the ages in this field. Among several brands that Germany produces, Mercedes finds a pride of place in the heart of all automobile lovers. The reason behind the immense popularity of the Mercedes brand in India and also all over the world is the rigorous quality standards it follows and the unflinching focus of the engineering team in Mercedes towards innovation.

If you have ever in your life used Mercedes cars in traffic jams of Delhi, you will recognize how far ahead it is from its nearest rival in terms of comfort, safety features and drivability. Mercedes takes a great pride in taking the concerns of its customer along when it is designing a car. For style, the focus of Mercedes designer team is always the customer. All the models are designed in such a way that the rider gets the best of experience when he is driving any Mercedes model.

Talking about design, Mercedes models are known for their bold layout with a big twin kidney-shaped engine grill with chrome plating gracing the front and curvy edges to make them a head turner whenever any of these beauties silently rolls by. If you are impressed by its outer beauty, be sure to get enchanted by its inner look also. Most mid-range and higher range trims of Mercedes are furnished with premium leather. Some of the base trims of low-end models though have faux leather furnishing.

When you sit in the driver’s seat of any Mercedes, the first thing you will notice is that the whole instrument panel is designed in such a way that you can look at all the instruments at a single glance. The seat has an ergonomic design that allows you to take a long drive in the car without feeling tired. All the mid and high-end models of Mercedes-Benz have some additional features to make your drive even more comfortable like lumbar support, ventilated seats, and heating & cooling function with massaging option integrated with the seats. These seats are electronically movable and have head and armrests.

The engine is the heart of any vehicle and a car without a powerful engine will never gain popularity from the riders despite putting in the best of the comfort features. When you buy a used Mercedes car in cities such as Delhi, be assured to get the most powerful engine that has an enviable record (both petrol and diesel) of not only being powerful but also highly efficient. Even if your car has a powerful engine, it should have a highly efficient transmission system to take the torque produced in it to the wheels to get the required momentum to race ahead of its competitors. In this matter also, Mercedes scores over its rivals with its highly sophisticated transmission system mated with the power mill that allows the cars to zoom ahead on a clear highway.

In addition to all these features, Mercedes is also known to bring in the latest features in its models so that the riders car get the best riding experience. Among the major innovation that Mercedes included in its models, two worth mentioning are night view assists plus that allows the driver to see a pedestrian or large animal in the dark more quickly to avoid accidents and a new hybrid technology that emits less CO2 to save our planet.