Why memory foam mattress is better than a spring bed mattress?

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Comfort is the most indispensable factor that most of the individuals out there seek especially when they thinking about buying a new bed mattress. There was a time when the designers of the mattresses have been working very hard to improve the traditional spring mattress to cater to the requirements of people suffering from acute back pain.

People even tried different types of options available in the market including water beds, air beds, and pillow tops to ease their body pain and get good night’s sleep. However, it took NASA engineers to come forward with the unique concept of the memory foam that people across the globe now highly appreciate as a realistic preference to the old-school spring mattress.

To make a good decision between spring and memory foam mattress it is significant to understand the fundamental difference between the two.

Spring Mattress

A spring mattress is basically made from a rudimentary pocket-coil system which is nicely enveloped in fabric. Fabrication of this type of mattress is not very complicated so it is quite reasonably priced. Spring mattresses can still be purchased but before that you need to understand what makes it different from the new memory foam version.

  • In contrast to the most comfortable memory foam mattress, you need to spend money on the transportation of the spring mattresses.
  • The spring mattress isn’t designed to align with your body contour which is basically considered to improve the comfort level of the sleeper.
  • The compression of the coils from the spring mattress and rutted body support may aggravate aches and pains rather than relieving them.
  • It comes with a shorter lifespan and warranty as compared to memory foam,thanks to the coil system design and engineering triggering them to sooner or later sag due to body weight.
  • You need to change the side of the spring mattress quite frequently to retain the firmness, which is again time-consuming process and increases the frustration level of the sleeper eventually.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses had taken the market with storm immediately after its release, but it did create problems for the sleepers as it used to retain heat which made the sleeper feel too hot. After this, gel memory foam mattress was introduced to address this issue. The gel foam ensures sleeper have a comfortable and calm night’s slumber. The memory foam mattress allocates body weight uniformly for a unified equilibrium for supportive distinct compression points to relieve twinges and promote a sound night’s sleep.

  • Unlike a spring mattress, the memory foam mattress tends to regain its original shape and doesn’t sag like the latter.
  • Memory foam doesn’t mean to be a soft type of mattress. It is designed from layers to create firmness that seamlessly aligns with your body contours thereby giving ultimate support.
  • A memory foam mattress usually comes with 20-years warranty which you won’t be getting with the spring mattress.

You just have to change the side of this type of mattress only once in every 6 months for maintenance.