What types of gifts should be given on Indian weddings?


Indian weddings in true words are big fat celebrations for three to four days. The families of both bride and groom mingle to celebrate the day with extreme happiness and pomp. In fact, a huge list of invitees to follow the queue with eye-catching gifts and ends the whole merriment with a delicious menu of scrumptious dishes. However, in the midst of all these the most thought about the matter is that what gift should you take for the bride and groom. In order to get the detail clue on the wedding gifts just read the rest of the article at once.

Personalized decorative item:

You have to attend the marriage invitation of your friend so you are a bit perplexed with the kind of gift that you should bring for the day. But the fact is that you know that it is an Indian wedding so the gift should be likely. That is why you picked a  combo of decorative items like personalized pillows, throws, cushions set along with that you picked a wall clock and a photo album that too customized. No doubt the couples will admire the options you have selected for them.

Bangles set with a pendant set:

Indian wedding means invitees flock to get the sight of the beautiful bride and the innocent yet happy smile as well. Thus you have an upcoming invitation that too the marriage of your sister in law that is why you are also busy like others in selecting the gift. In the mean time you thought that it would be a cool idea to get two golden bangle with a pearl set. It was actually a mix and match gifts that you chose. Now the idea behind choosing the jelwery is very simple because you know that somehow jewleries are very much relatable to the Indian wedding. But it is important to mention that you did not leave the groom alone as you even got a gold chain for him as well to let the happy moments keep going.

Men and wmen watch combo:

You have to think to the edge when it comes to selecting the gift for the couple. Therefore you started with a guesswork and finally you ended with watches. That means for the next wedding invitation call you sleected watch combo for both the couples. It was a fantastic gold plated watch with a white rouand dial. The best is that you actually got both the watches in the same gift box. On top of that you even, made sure that it should be from a reputed brand so that you don’t need to think about the warranty and at the same time it should come with longevity as well.

Flowers with cards:

When you think about the gifts to select for the Indian wedding then seriously you cannot overlook the gift like a flower bouquet with a card. Therefore without any second thought you actually the picked the same thing for the marriage invitation that you got in a neighbor. For the lovely couple you picked a combination bouquet which has red roses, with peach dahlia, white lilies, purple orchids all tucked together with beautiful large shaped green leaves at the bottom. In addition to that you chose the decorate the bouquet with a white cellophane paper so that the flowers retain its freshness as it is. On top of that you added a beautiful wedding card painted with flowers with a couple in between and the imprinted golden words saying happy married life is no doubt eye-striking.

Perfume set:

Have you ever considered perfume as the best wedding gift for an Indian wedding? If yes then you should consider a perfume combo for your dearest brother in law. The best you decided to do is that get a designer type of perfume for the couple. But at the same time you thought that it would be wise to include something that should be from a renowned brand. In that context, you thought to pick the same from the top quality brand like Calvin Klein. You also made sure that both the perfume should have a different aroma so that the couples can easily distinguish from the smell.

Beauty set:

Indian weddings make you remember of gorgeous jewelry and the most striking among all this is the beautiful glow that you get to see on the face of the bride. Therefore you also thought the same to present the Indian bride with a beauty essential kit. It is a kit with all daily skincare accessories right from face wash to pack pack. But at the same time you did not forget to include the hair spa essentials as well. Therefore definitely this is a wholesome gift for the bride and she will just like it for sure. In addition to that you also included the skin care essentials for the groom as well.

To wind up these are the best wedding gifts that you can get from the online gift store.