Changing The Lens For Looking In Delhi

New Delhi street photography

Tourism industry is growing year by year. India is a hub of tourism and there are so many eye catching things to see. Every year there are thousands of tourists that come to India and enjoy the beauty of the country. Not only people from outside the country but people from within the country go and visits different areas of the country that are still unexplored. There is so much people can come for in the country. People can come for trying different foods, for different monuments and for the other beautiful hills, rivers etc.

Every city in India has its own forte but there are some cities that attract a lot of tourist around the year. Delhi is one of the cities. People go and visit many destinations for tourism. One thing we all love to do is clicking photographs. New Delhi street photography is becoming more popular day by day. There is a different kind of craze in that city for photographs. There are two different kinds of face of Delhi. One is New Delhi and other side is Old Delhi. Both have different things as center of attraction. People can find so many things to see in Delhi that they will need at least a month to explore it fully.

There are many streets in Delhi that have a lot to tell about the Indian culture of food, clothing and many more stuff. If we take Delhi photo tour than the first thing you’ll see are the monuments. Red fort, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb and India Gate are the famous monuments of India. They all are situated in Delhi. The other eye catching photo tour might be on the famous food places in Delhi. There is a “paranthe vali gali” where many different types of paranthas are available. “Chandni chowk” is another famous place to have a good food experience. Also this place is famous for good quality and cheap clothes. Mostly people go for wedding shopping at this place. There are many other streets that are famous for different things. One such market is “Gaffar market”. This market is famous for its lower price electronic goods. The same product and same quality available elsewhere will have a high price. This area has some really eye catching electronic gadgets.

The next street tour takes us to another famous place among millennial of Delhi which is “Hauz Khas Village”. People who are fond of clubs, food and night life must visit Hauz Khas for an amazing experience. This is one of the most famous place in Delhi and is built uniquely. There is another place in Delhi that is not explored by many. The name of the place is “Khan market”. The market has some amazing non-vegetarian dishes which are must try for everyone. The structure of the market is different and unique and there are plenty of restraints with some of them having extremely mouth watering dishes.

Talking about the Delhi street photo tour there are many more places in Delhi that are unexplored by people but they provide you with the best of the life experience. There are many things that you can go to think of. Street foods of Delhi are very famous and that is so unique about the street tour of the city that you can’t resist to click a photograph.