What can you have in your Meals When you are on a Diet

Meals When you are on a Diet

People generally tend to gain weight when they are out somewhere, that tripping out they have to attend some wedding functions. It is very important to lose those few close that you have gained in the period. It is always in your hand to get fit and to try out various states so that you can achieve your average weight.

Once you have lost some weight, you gain motivation, and you are always in a better place, and you feel healthy and fit. Another good reason is that everyone praises you when you have lost some weight, you are motivated internally to the core to do even better. But one thing that you should keep in mind is you should consult a doctor before starting your weight loss journey. Otherwise, there can be various loopholes in your diet. The free online dietitian for weight loss can help you to get through this tough journey.

Let us know about the things that you can have in your meals while you’re on a diet in detail: – 

  1. Morning breakfast meal

The most important meal of the day is your breakfast. Breakfast plays a very important role, and it helps you in deciding that what you are going to eat next and at what time. If you have your breakfast at a good time, it will help you to digest those saturated carbohydrates and you will feel very light throughout the day. You can have roti with green vegetables and a bowl of curd in the morning. You can also substitute this with a bowl of cereal. You should have seasonal food before having your lunch. Or you can have coconut water, any type of smoothies that you like so that your tummy remains full for a longer period. 

  • Lunch Time

At lunchtime, you can have a bowl of Nutri or pumpkin vegetables. You can also have poha, chilla, quinoa and along with it, you should consider taking a plate of salad. After a healthy breakfast, you are always advised to have a lighter lunch and even a lighter dinner. After an hour or two, you can have green tea with some almonds or nuts. Along with this, you should inculcate a habit to drink water after regular intervals of time. 

  • Dinner meal

You can have a glass of turmeric milk if you feel fuller than usual. You can consider taking a bowl of pumpkin or hiya soup if you are hungry. Your dinner has to be the lightest meal of your day. You should consider taking it before 7:00 pm. So that your dinner has enough time to be digested. You will be able to see a lot of transformation in your body by following a strict diet. Don’t forget to take a cup of hot cinnamon water before going to bed. 

So, these are meals that you should prefer to take in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. The weight loss dietician can provide you with proper assistance for the same. They can guide you properly about every meal. You will be able to achieve great results through their help.