What Are the Various Kinds of Heating and Cooling Systems?


Cooling systems are used to decrease the heat indoors. They use energy to remove the heat. There are different kinds of systems to cool the place, but common ones uses a compressor cycle. This is used for transference of heat from indoors to outdoors.

The compressor which is outside the house has a refrigerant in it. This is a fluid which changes from the liquid to gaseous state and vice versa. In doing so, it takes in or gives out heat.

There Are Various Kinds Of Cooling Systems And They Are:

  • Central air conditioners – which cool the entire house. These have a large compressor which is outside and this has a coil which has a refrigerant. This cools as well as it distributes this cooled air through ducts throughout the house. For heating the house in winters, the heat pumps work on the same principle and the heat pumps heat the indoors and for that the same duct system is used.
  • Room air conditioners are either the window type of split system. These are placed on the sill and these are cheaper but make a lot of noise. The split air conditioner has 2 components. The one which is out of the house and one which is in the room. This is not noisy and does not need a window sill for its installation, but these are relatively costly.
  • There are also evaporative coolers. These works only in dry areas as they pull air through pads that are moist and in this the air is cooled through the process of evaporation.

When It Comes To Heating, There Are Different Kinds. There are: 

  • Furnaces which heat the indoors using ducts and they give out warm air through registers or frills and these are run on natural gas, LPG, fuel oil or electricity.
  • Boilers distribute heat by allowing hot water to pass through the radiators and other devices in the rooms. The water gives out its heat and when it is cooled, it returns back to the boiler where it again is heated. These are known as hydronic systems. There are also steam boilers where steam is used instead of hot water.
  • Heat pumps work like air conditioners but the reverse way. Heat is taken from the outdoors and it is discharged indoors. These are geothermal ones where the heat from underground is used. These are efficient and eco-friendly.
  • The gas fired heaters are either free standing or wall mounted and also use furnaces. The space heaters have quartz infrared or they have heaters filed with oil. These work like a toaster and convert electricity into heat. There are also wood burning furnaces as well as pellet stoves, these give out heat too, but they pollute the atmosphere.
  • There are radiant heating systems where the water is circulated under the floor.
  • There are heat pumps which are ductless and they distribute power and heat as well.

In Short The Heating And Cooling Systems Can Be Broadly Categorized Into 4 Types. There are:

  • Split Systems – these are the most traditional of heating and cooling systems available.
  • Heat Hybrid Split Systems – these are energy efficient systems. These have a heat pump and allows heating and cooling through electricity or gas furnaces.
  • Duct Free Split Systems – these are installed where ducted systems won’t work or these are used to complement the ducted systems.
  • Packaged systems – these have either single room or entire home units.

For more details, you can search through the reliable online portals, to get ideas about various kinds of heating and cooling systems