What are the Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health?


Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health?

The covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives drastically. Loss of loved ones, massive amounts of negativity in the environment, uncertainty, and stress have led to poor mental health. One of the most effective lifestyle changes, to improve your mental health, is taking up yoga. Yoga is not only beneficial for physical health but also for mental health. Here are some of the benefits of yoga for mental health. 

Helps in getting relief from depression and anxiety

Yoga, a combination of exercise, meditation, and relaxation, is a wonderful way to relieve anxiety and depression. Yoga helps to reduce the secretion of cortisol (a primary stress hormone) and promotes relaxation. It leads to the improvement of mental health and quality of life. 

Boost concentration, focus, and memory

Yoga helps to relax and centre the body while helping the mind to focus.  Several researches have shown that yoga can be helpful in boosting concentration and memory because while practicing yoga one has to concentrate. Practicing yoga asanas such as tree pose and others can really help you to clear your thoughts, calm your senses, and improve your brain’s ability to concentrate on one thing at a time. 

Yoga improves your mood

Practicing yoga asanas releases healthy brain chemicals like endorphins and dopamine. This helps balance your mood and combat common mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Medical experts often recommend yoga for mental peace and concentration and to improve your mood. Also, yoga can prove to be an effective way to help manage bipolar disorder which pushes your mood to extremes. 

Helps Build Confidence

Yoga is also helpful for those suffering from self-esteem issues, a loss of confidence or self-esteem can lead to depression and anxiety. Performing yoga on a regular basis helps center your body and improves your confidence. The breathing exercises in yoga are considered to be helpful in relieving stress. 

Yoga calms your body and mind 

The poses of yoga incorporate intricate postures and breathing exercises that calm your body and mind. Doing these poses regularly can bring amazing results to your mental and physical health. Yoga is also helpful in preventing anxiety attacks or panic attacks which are common mental health problems. 

Yoga is not only asanas or some exercises but it is an incredible way to live a healthy and peaceful life. Yoga encourages you to think about your strengths, limitations, and preferences and reinforces the sense of self-control.