Vietnam’s Defence Strategy: Interest in BRAHMOS Missiles.

Vietenam intrest in BrahMoS

After India successfully delivered BRAHMOS missiles to the Philippines, Vietnam has shown keen interest in acquiring the weapon system. A Vietnamese delegation led by Senior Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan showed significant interest in the BRAHMOS missile and its variants during a recent visit to the BRAHMOS pavilion at a defense expo in Malaysia. Indian Air Force veteran Vijainder K. Thakur emphasized that the BRAHMOS missile’s high supersonic speed and low altitudes make it difficult for enemy air defense systems to detect and engage, enhancing its destructive capability compared to larger warheads on other missiles.

Vietnam, along with other Southeast Asian nations, is highly intrigued by the BRAHMOS missile. The missile’s ongoing upgrades, including enhancements to its range and weight, are tailored to meet the specific operational needs of ground troops, navies, and air forces. These modifications benefit not only India’s defence forces but also potential international buyers of the missile, like Vietnam.