Vidmate Apk 2018 – All New Vidmate with New and Exciting Features

Vidmate Apk 2018 – All New Vidmate with New and Exciting Features

The new and latest version of Vidmate 2018 version comes packed with whole new features and specifications. The Vidmate application is a part of 9apps and can be downloaded from the 9apps store for free. Vidmate Apk 2018 has been recognized as one of the best videos downloading software and the new version comes with various improvements over existing features. The developers of the application are working hard enough to support any type of video files for their downloading and hassle-free browsing of the videos. In the new 2018 version of Vidmate application, users can browse through short movies, videos, and different type of multimedia contents.

How to use Vidmate?

The use of Vidmate is easy and simple but to use it efficiently you must follow some steps as it will help you to browse through the applications easily.

When you get the application on your device, first move to the in-built browser and enter the website from where you want to view your video. Open the video link and then play the video, and in-order to download the video click on the download option which you will see in the app tray. Once you click on download, the downloads will go in the download queue and if your connection is stable, the video on Vidmate Apk 2018 will be in your device in no time.

What are features of Vidmate?

The new version of the Vidmate application is packed with new features with the old features being intact. So, let us see what the changes in the new version of Vidmate are.

  • The new Vidmate application now has an inbuilt web browser with various other options inside the browser like bookmark option, save password, history, frequently visited pages, also it gives you to delete the personal and private data now.
  • The new version of Vidmate now has a time filter by applying which one can download the video from that time frame. It is usually introduced to block ads from the downloads.
  • Now, the Vidmate supports much more video formats to be downloaded such as MP4, 3GP, MOV, FLV, WMV, MPG, and many more.
  • Also, there is a video player also which is embedded in the application which one can use to watch videos and movies in offline mode.

These are the new features which is involved in the new version of Vidmate Apk 2018 application with the other old features.

How to download and install Vidmate?

Since, Vidmate is a part of 9apps it can be easily download from 9apps portal.The application can be downloaded and installed by following the process below.

  • Download 9apps or open 9apps on your mobile browser
  • From 9apps search for Vidmate
  • Click on Vidmate from the dropdown list
  • After downloading, click on Install and grant the permissions required by your Android
  • device.
  • You may sometimes face difficulty in installing the application, to install that follow this.
  • Go to settings à Securityà Device Administration à Turn on Unknown Sources
  • To install, it will take half or a minute to get installed.
  • After installing, enjoy your free movies and videos and download them for free.

Follow above steps to download and install Vidmate Apk 2018 and since Vidmate is a third-party application and violatesthe policy of Android Play Store, you may not find it on the Google Playstore.