Uttarakhand Trekking Tragedy Survivors “Sat With Bodies For 36 Hours”

Uttarakhand Trekking Tragedy Survivors

Shocked, shattered, and depressed, the survivors of the trekking tragedy in Uttarakhand sat for nearly 36 hours with the bodies of their nine companions, S Srivatsa, Secretary of Karnataka Mountaineering Association, said while recalling the sight at the Dehradun hospital the survivors were taken to.  The heavy wind and zero visibility must have made the situation even more challenging.

Taking shelter next to a big boulder was a smart move in such conditions. The exhaustion, hypothermia, and lack of oxygen must have made it extremely difficult for them. It’s important to appreciate their courage and resilience in such a difficult situation. 

They were really in a tough spot, unable to move in the blizzard. The strong winds must have made it frustrating not to be able to open the tiffin boxes. The arrival of additional tents, sleeping bags, and hot water must have provided some relief in such a challenging situation. It’s commendable how the guide and other mountaineers stepped in to help. 

Nine bodies have arrived and been handed over to their respective families for final rites

Among those who lost their lives was 71-year-old Asha Sudhakar, a KMA member for over three decades and one of the oldest women trekkers from the . Asha’s unfortunate loss during the trek, especially since she was an experienced mountaineer and trekker. It’s good to know that her husband, S Sudhakar, who was leading the team, survived the calamity. Their experience and skills must have been valuable in such challenging conditions. The group comprised physically fit, experienced trekkers in the age group of 34 to 71, Srivatsa said. “This tragedy happened only due to this fatal bad weather. They were all trained and experienced trekkers.

It was not very tough terrain also. The shock, shattered feelings, and depression they experienced at the hospital must have been overwhelming. Sitting with the bodies of their team members for nearly 36 hours must have been incredibly difficult. It’s clear they had a strong bond and connection. It’s reassuring to know that they had thorough preparation with mandatory local treks for physical fitness before the expedition.