Useful Ways to Perform Impactful Back Linking In 2019



Do you have an idea that having strong backlinks can take your website to the very top within no time? In accordance with the criteria of Google, having quality backlinks is one of the strongest points for a website to have. When you share backlinks with websites that are already successful, your own reputation builds rapidly. On the other hand, websites that do not have reputed backlinks take a lifetime to even get indexed. This is a very important point which website owners should never ignore. Online competition has become intense over the period of time, and that is the reason why you have to create backlinks for your site to be more competitive.

Back linking is not something that can be done randomly. In other words, you cannot pick a website without checking, share a backlink and then expect your own website to reach the skies within no time. This is certainly not how back linking words. You need to focus on some important ways which actually help your website in attaining success. Given below are some key ways to successfully do back linking.

The Guest Post Option and its effectiveness

Submitting a guest post works well for building back links if the correct guidelines are followed. To start with, search for websites that allow guest posts and understand the publishing guidelines that they have. To gain customers through back links, you would be required to pay attention to the quality factor. Be précised and make sure that published post meets the standards.

  • It is important to choose a website that already has a good count of followers. Most website owners miss this angle when they are selecting websites for back links. If you get connected to a website that is not established, it would not have a good visitor count. This simply means that a good count of people would not read the published post. In other words, you would not get sufficient traffic on your website. The website that you are connecting with through back linking should have a better user count than you. In this case, your website would improve.

Using social media methods

There is no doubt that the maximum exposure a brand can attain is through social media. You can submit guest articles on a well-established Facebook page. This would obviously help in redirecting traffic to your page. Here is how this option would work.

    • Select a social media account (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) that has a large number of followers. Sharing a post on one of these pages simply means that your content would be visible to all these people. The more people view your post, the more people would show interest in checking what you have to offer. An example would provide more clarity.


  • The post which you publish on a Facebook page for back linking should be up to the mark in terms of quality. Take your time when you are working on the blog post. Draft the content properly and use multiple sources to extract information. Do not be hasty and use an engaging tone. Readers pay attention to posts that have a conversational tone. The post should have a smooth flow and include core facts as well. For instance, if you are talking about travelling services, mention the best tour destinations for the year. Do not use a tone that sounds too promotional. You can always include the link to your website in the blog post but it should be included in natural manner. The reader should not feel that it has been stuffed without a purpose. If you are writing about travelling services, use phrases like “ you can get more information on” or “ please click for further details” and then provide the link to your website.

Competitor analysis is essential

Website owners who do not need a check on how their competitors are performing find it hard to meet success. Thus, keeping a check on competition is important.

    • If your competitors are beating you in terms of rank, do not be tensed. Instead, carry out some research work to determine what you are missing. This is actually the strategy that helps you in getting the top ranks. For instance, check the backlinks which your competitor has. If you are not linked with some of the companies your competitor is linked with, it may be a deficiency. To get an upper hand on them, start communicating with these companies and establish back links with them. This is smart thinking and works well if you are struggling in getting a high rank. Ignoring what the competitors are doing may take you off the search engine list within no time. Use a quality analytics tool like Google Analytics to get a deep insight. Do you have more visitors than your competitors? Are people spending more time on your websites than competitors? Do you lack in terms of content quality, info graphics or any other area? These are some questions that can help you in succeeding.


  • How are the competitor websites getting more traffic than you? This is a key question that should be present in your mind. Check the modes that they are using to get an upper hand on you. For instance, some websites get quality back links through blog posting. They post blogs on other websites along with the link to their own website. This eventually drives traffic and people start exploring their websites. Make sure that you are analysing the competitor strategy. This would obviously help you in getting your hands on the best backlinks.

Easy Navigation through internal links

Internal links offer several benefits to website owners. Let us look at an example. Consider that a visitor lands on your home page and finds the content interesting. However, he does not have the patience to navigate and look at other links. How can this situation be improved? If the visitor lacks patience, he would immediately skip the website.

  • Through quality internal links, you can easily retain the visitors as the navigation would become a lot easier. You can find internal links between different pages of your website. For instance, if the visitor is on the home page and it is internally linked to the services page, the visitor would click it to view the details. In other words, quality back linking is an effective way to get more traffic on the website. The core purpose of these links is to make navigation as easy as possible. You should make sure that visitors have to make minimum effort to move through the website.

Testimonials play a pivotal role

Submitting a testimonial does not require a lot of time. One testimonial can be submitted in less than 15 minutes and in exchange, you can get a good backlink from a reputed website. To exercise this option, keep your eyes open for websites that are credible in terms of testimonial submission.

  • It is obvious that you would be submitting a testimonial for a product / service selling website you are fully aware of. For instance, if purchase things online from a website regularly, submit a testimonial along with a link to your own website. This would obviously help you in acquiring getter SEO ranks. You need to remember that better SEO ranks always result in more traffic and higher conversion rate.

Online interviews mean instant backlinks

Being interviewed by an online magazine or gazette is a strong mode of getting high standard backlinks. The process is very simple in this relation.

  • Search for websites that carry out interviews. If you have a strong position in a particular category of products, interviewing websites would get in touch with you themselves. However, if you are in a struggling phase, you would have to do the necessary approaching. Get in touch with reputed websites and show your interest in getting interviewed. Once your interview is published on the website of the interviewing concern, you would get an authoritative backlink.

Summing it up

For any website that wants to grow, the importance of back linking cannot be ignored. According to Google, this is one of the most important parameters of rating a website. Websites that have more back links from reputed website do not face obstacles in climbing up the rank ladder.

    • There are various methods that can be used by websites to get quality back links. Using social media platforms is one of them. Submit a guest post on popular Facebook pages with a link of your website. When people visiting the Facebook page would view your post, they would click the link to your website. However, this does depend on the quality of the submitted post. If you are submitting junk, the reader would simply exit your post without reading it completely.


  • Apart from social media platforms, guest posts can also be submitted on other websites. This would obviously require you to do some searching. Locate websites that have a good number of visitors and allow the option of submitting a guest post. When a quality guest post with your company link would be submitted on one of these websites, you can expect a high traffic count on your website.