Use Customizable Sea Grass Carpets to Create Natural Flooring at an Affordable Rate


Decorating a home is not a very easy task. It takes a lot of research to ensure you don’t end up putting something that looks out of place. The entire process of researching, ordering materials and then placing them is quite expensive and time consuming.

Wouldn’t it be so nice, if we all could get something that is inexpensive, long lasting and fits with every kind of room décor? Sea grass carpets offer that perfect solution for every time crunched individual, hoping to renovate their house on a tight budget.

Sea grass is a kind of natural fiber which is commonly found in the swamps and marshes of China and other coastal regions of the world where the land is often flooded with sea water. Before you buy a sea grass carpet there are certain things which you should bear in mind.


Sea grass carpets come in a light brown color. They cannot be dyed because they are stain resistant, which is why they are extremely popular among families with pets or small kids who are notoriously known for staining floor coverings. If you are looking for variety you can look for various types of interesting patterns and weave which can give your room a different look and feel.

When you put Floorspace sea grass carpets on the floor or on the walls, you might have to deal with a pungent odour for a few days. The odour is natural and comes as a byproduct of processing natural fibers. Also make sure you ask your installer to use odorless glue, which can help you to get rid of that odor in a lesser amount of time.

The seams in the sea grass carpet are often visible after installation. Make sure you ask the installer to seal down all the seams at the edges. The lines on the weave often give this carpet a beautiful and natural look.

A sea grass carpet does not require heavy maintenance, which is why they are quite popular. Normal vacuuming is all it takes to ensure that they remain clean. In case you spill something, simply mop it with a cleaner and wet cloth and allow the area to dry. Since the carpet is stain resistant, you would not see any marks on it after a few hours.

Sea grass is a kind of natural fiber and unlike jute or coir, changes color after installation. It starts out as light green and then slowly changes to light brown. If you are using a second rug over the sea grass carpet, the area under the rug would remain light green for a longer period of time due to water retention` factors


Floorspace has been a leading supplier of sea grass rugs for decades. Over a period of time they have taken the art of styling to a whole new level where proficiency effortlessly combines with beauty. You can use these carpets either on the floor or on the walls to create a contemporary look. Rugs from Floorspace are not meant solely for domestic purposes.

There long lasting durability makes them a good choice for decorating commercial setups, public buildings and office spaces.